What countries do bats live in?


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In Texas,Mexico,Puerto Rico and American


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Vampire bats only live in the tropics of South America.

Mexico, central, and south America

Bats live in almost every country in the world. - The less human inhabited countries generally have more bats. Madagascar alone has over 70 species of bats that live in the trees, caves and cliffs

Species of bats can be found wherever insects or fruit can be found. So bats can be found in almost every country of the world.

where do fruit bats live.

do bats live in woods yes

No bats do not live in the rain forest they mostly live in caves.

Yes. Some bats live in the taiga.

how old do fruit bats live for

Yes bats do live north America a few of them live in California

yes bats live in prairies but they really don't live that long out there though!

Many species of bats live in caves although some tropical species, such as many fruit bats, live in trees.

Romanis live in several countries across Europe.

bats like places where there are a lot of bugs or fruit. bats mainly live by plains and caves so my guess is the bats don't live in forests where they can bump into things.

bats live up to 30 yrs but at a min they live 10yr hope i helped !! :)

Bats prefer to live in dark places, from what iv'e heard, they mostly live in caves.

Vampires live FOREVER. Bats don't ...

in what geographical regions of the world do bats live

well if you are interested then vampire bats are in japan and California

Many species of bats do live in caves, yet many fruit bats do not. Fruit bats prefer to live outside roosting in the daylight, but they only go for food at night.

bats usually live as "colony". sometimes it is called as "camp"

bats live in a cave Roost ; they don't live in specific homes.

Felons can live in any country. Changing countries may be a problem.

In a wide range of countries

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