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Agentina, Dominican Republic, Iraq, Poland, Australia, Ecuador, Lebanon, San Marino, Belgium, Egypt, Liberia, Saudi Arabia, Bolivia, El Salvador, Luxembourg, South Africa, Brazil, Ethiopia, Mexico, Soviet Union, Canada, France, Mongolian People's Republic, Syria, Chile, Great Britain, Netherlands, Turkey, China, Greece, New Zealand, United States, Colombia, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Uruguay,

Costa Rica, Haiti, Norway, Venezuela, Cuba, Honduras, Panama, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, India, Paraguay,

Denmark, Iran, Peru.
Germany, france, italy, japan, US, USSR, England, Poland, and there is another but i cant remember that one. Wait it is the Netherlands.
major combatants:

axis : Germany, Italy, Japanese empire, Finland, Romania, Croatia, Hungary, Vichy France, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Iraq, Thailand,

Allies: China, Chzechoslovakia, Poland, UK, India, France (before they fell like dogs), Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, Norway, Belgium, Netherlands, Greece, Yugoslavia, Soviet union (who did pretty much all of the goddam fighting), usa, Philipines, Mexico, Brazil,
The countries in World War 2 can be divided among the Axis and the Allies.

Axis PowersGermany (with Austria), Japan, and Italy (until Sept. 1943).


- The Soviet Union until June, 1941

- Finland after November, 1941

- Puppet government of Vichy France (1940-1945)

- Hungary, Bulgaria, and Romania (until August, 1944)

- Argentina

- Spain (officially neutral)

- Thailand

- Japanese puppet states in Asia

Allied ForcesThe British Empire (England, Scotland, Wales, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Rhodesia, Egypt, and India), the United States, China, the Free French, and the Soviet Union (after June, 1941)


- Free Forces of occupied countries : Belgium, Czechoslovakia, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Yugoslavia, Hungary, and Greece.

- Other countries: Brazil, El Salvador, Ethiopia (invaded by Italy), Mexico, and the Philippines (captured by Japan).

United States

United Kingdom/British Empire

Russia/Soviet Union


Republic of China (Then mainland, now Taiwan)




New Zealand

South Africa









British India



Nazi Germany


Italy/Italian Socialist Republic





It would be easier to list the countries that DIDN'T fight. It was called World War because most of the world's countries were involved.
In November 1944 the Brazilian 1st Infantry Division, under the command of Major General Joao Baptista Mascarenhas de Morais, joined the American Fifth Army in Italy. The division served with distinction through the North Apennines & Po Valley Campaigns to V-E Day, May 8, 1945.

Richard V. Horrell WW 2

a lot of countries entered the war. I have been researching WWII in school and i have learned the most well-known are: Allied: U.S., Soviet Union, United Kingdom,Canada, Australia, Brazil and France. Axis: Germany, Italy, Japan, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania,and Slovakia. Hope this is helpfull to many people

Mexico's spark into entering WW2 was when a German U-boat sunk two of Mexico's biggest oil ships while they where passing by The Florida Keys. Mexico then helped with the liberation of the Philippines. It sent an air force of about 60 airplanes (of which only 4 or 5 were gunned down) and a sizeable army.

Im doing a report on Ww2 and I've read that US, France and Britain were the allies

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What two countries the us fought in World War 2?

They fought the Germans, Japanese, and Italy

Which countries fought against Germany in World War 1 but on Germany's side in World War 2?

Japan and Italy fought against Germany in World War 1 but were on Germany's side in World War 2

What were neutral countries that fought in World War 2?

With respect, a country that fights in a war is notneutral.

Which countries fought on our side in the world war 2?

all the best ones

What were the main countries that fought in world war 2?

Germany, Russia and sweeden

Which countries fought with England in World War 2?

germany, italy, and japan

What countries fought against the US in World War 2?

Germany and Japan.

Did womens fought in the world war 2?

yes, in some countries such as Russia...............

What is the two countries the US fought in World War 2?

Japan and Germany .

What 2 countries were world war 2 fought in?

China, USSR, and many, many more.

What countries were allied with the nazis in world war 2?

The countries that were allied with the Nazis in World War 2 were Japan and Italy, but Italy fought against the Nazis with the Allies towards the end of the war.

Which countries fought on Germany's side in World War 1 but against Germany in World War 2?

Italy and Turkey.

Which 2 countries fought the french and indran war?

the 2 countries that fought in the french and indian war is british also france

What countries fought on the Nazi's side in World War 2?

They are germany,italy,and japan

What were the names of the two groups of countries that fought in world war 2?

Allies and Axis

What were the countries that fought on the side of Britain in World War 2 called?

The Allied Powers.

What two countries fought in the pacific during World War 2?

Japan and the US .

Which countries did New zealand fight with in world war 2?

New Zealand was part of the Allies in World War 2, so it fought with countries like Britain, US and Australia.

What countries did the United States fight in World War 2?

The countries that U.s fought in W.W 2 were Japan,Germany,and Italy.

How was World War 1 more of a world war than World War II?

world war 2 was more of a world war. It was fought on more fronts and included more countries.

Why was world war called world war?

it was called the world war for many reasons 1: most countries of the world fought in this war and 2: because they can call it whatever they want!

Who were US enemys in world war 2?

The main countries that the US fought in World War 2 were considered the "Axis Powers." They were Germany, Japan, and Italy.

What were the three countries that fought against the US in war world 2?

Japan, Germany and Italy.

What were the three countries that fought against the US in world war 2?

Japan, Germeny, Italy

Which of these two countries have fought three wars since World War 2?

India And Pakistan