What countries have birds as their national emblem?

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Mexico, the United States, Poland, and Zambia have an eagle as a national anthem.
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What is the national emblem of India?

Ashoka Stambh situated at sarnath has been adopted as national emblem of India. It has four lions standing opposite to each other over a circular abacus. Only 3 of them is visible though. Below the lions there is the "Ashoka Chakra" having 24 spokes with a galloping horse to its left and a bull to i ( Full Answer )

Is owl any countries national bird?

The Great Horned Owl is the national bird of Alberta, Canada. The Great Gray Owl is the national bird of Manitoba, Canada. The Snowy Owl is the national bird of Quebec, Canada.

Turkey as the national emblem?

Benjamin Franklin was disappointed that the congress chose the bald eagle as the national bird, and said in a letter to his daughter that he would have preferred the wild turkey. The letter was passed on to congress, and has become and interesting part of the history of the United States. There is ( Full Answer )

What is the national emblem of Wales?

Like most nations, Wales has a few emblems.. The Leek, Daffodils, Welsh Dragon, and the Prince's 'three feathers' symbol..

National emblem of Ireland?

It is not the shamrock, as many people think. It is the harp. You will see it on Irish coins and official documents.

What are some national emblems of Ireland?

The shamrock (plant) is often used an emblem of Ireland. . They also use an image of a golden Irish harp , sometimes on a green or blue background. The Irish Harp is an official state emblem of Ireland.. The Celtic Cross is also used as a symbol/emblem in Ireland, though other parts of the B ( Full Answer )

What are Spain's national emblems?

Spain actually has many official national emblems. Some of theemblems are the bull, short toed eagle, and a coat of arms.

Japan national animal emblem?

The Green Pheasant , Koi , Raccoon Dog and Red-crowned Crane are the national animals of Japan.

What are the national emblems of England?

The national floral emblem of England is a Rose. The flag of England is a white rectangle with a red cross, the "Cross of St. George". There is also the symbol of the 3 lions on a red background, originally used by Richard the Lionheart as his coat of arms, discontinued after the establishment ( Full Answer )

Who designed United Nations emblem?

Mr. Donal McLauglin, chief of Graphics for the State Department's Office of Strategic Services (OSS). The team leader, Oliver Lincoln Lundquist, later changed it slightly to what is used today.

What is the national emblem of Northern Ireland?

a crest A common loyalist (protestant) emblem of Northern Ireland is the red hand of Ulster; and a republican (roman Catholic) emblem would be the shamrock. However, given the political situation in Northern Ireland, there are hundreds of emblems.

What is the national emblem of France?

Several different emblems represent France. These include the Gallic rooster (le coq gaulois), Marianne (an allegoric feminine picture or statue), the French flag (blue, white, red), la fleur de lys (a symbolic lily flower) are the best known emblems of France. In popular media, the Eiffel tower is ( Full Answer )

What is Portugal's national emblem?

A national emblem is the symbol that represents the nation to the world. It may be found on the nation's official symbols, such as the national coat of arms and the national flag.. In Portugal, the national emblem is the armillary sphere . The sphere dates back to the early astronomers. For it pro ( Full Answer )

What is Japan's national emblem?

Japan's National Emblem is the chrysanthemums. It looks like a yellow flower. Japan's National Symbol is the red dot. You can find it on their flags. It represents the rising of the sun.

Australia's national floral emblem?

Australia's national floral emblem is the Golden Wattle. The GoldenWattle blooms in late winter or early spring and grows to between 2and 8 meters high.

What is a national emblem?

It is something that you look at and instantly know which countryit depicts. e.g. The Maple Leaf.......Canada The Red Rose............England The Leek..................Wales etc..

What is bird emblem of indonesia?

garuda bird, it was a mythology animal from Hindu tradition, it wasthe mount of Vishnu one of greatest God in Hindu

Which is the national floral emblem of Ireland?

The Shamrock is the floral emblem of Ireland. It has been claimed that St Patrick used the shamrock to illustrate the doctrine of the Trinity. The posthumous timing of this legend (coming some 1200 years after his death), and the lack of supporting evidence found in St. Patrick's writings have cau ( Full Answer )

What is the national emblem of U A E?

the majestic falcon which has been loved by the Arabs had been chosen as the emblem of UAE. from Bimito Tom top contributer

What animal is the national emblem of US?

The bald eagle is the national emblem of the U.S. It is on the back of our quarters, our greatest form of coin currency, and incorporated into many federal government departments' logos. In its stronger right talon is the olive branch, a symbol of peace; in the left, a bundle of thirteen arrows, sym ( Full Answer )

What animal is Russia's national emblem?

Russia has two animals as the national emblem. The Siberian cat andthe Russian bear are symbols for Russia. The Russian bear is morewidely used.

What is the animal and bird emblem of Queensland?

The faunal emblem of Queensland is the Koala. It is found throughout the eastern coast, though is listed as vulnerable in the southeastern corner.. Queensland's bird emblem is the brolga..

What is the national emblem of United Kingdom?

The emblem on the English sports jerseys are the three lions on the pockets. there are no difinitive emblems to represent the United Kingdom other than the UK flag (UNION JACK) ... Scotland is represented by The Saltire or The Rampant Lion, England by The Three Lions, Wales by the Welsh Dragon and ( Full Answer )

What are Australia's national emblems?

Australia's national floral emblem is the Golden Wattle (Acacia pycnantha Benth.). This reflects Australia's national colours of Green and Gold. The national gemstone is the opal. Australia has no national faunal (animal) emblem.

Why is the NSW bird emblem the kookaburra?

Perhaps the kookaburra is the NSW bird emblem because it is common to that state. The kookaburra occurs naturally throughout the eastern Australian mainland states and areas of the north. Alternative explanation: The kookaburra may also have been chosen as the state bird emblem as kookaburra ( Full Answer )

What is Tasmania's bird emblem?

Tasmania, Australia's island state, does not have an official bird emblem. The Yellow Wattlebird is considered the unofficial avian (bird) emblem.

Is clover the national emblem of Ireland?

No. The official national emblem of Ireland is a harp. The shamrock, which is like a clover, is an emblem sometimes used for Ireland, but it is not the official one.

What is Australia's national faunal emblem?

Australia does not have an official national faunal emblem. The kangaroo and emu are on Australia's coat of arms, but they are not the official national animal emblems.

What is the animal and bird emblem for Tasmania?

Tasmania, Australia's island state, does not have an officialfaunal or avian emblem. The Tasmanian Devil is the state's unofficial faunal emblem, and the Thylacine (also known as theTasmanian Tiger) may also be regarded as an unofficial emblem. The Yellow Wattlebird, which is only found in Tasmani ( Full Answer )

Is elephant is there in the national emblem of India?

Yes, there is an elephant. But, it is not the main creature. The emblem mainly consists of three Lion heads. Below the three lions, on a circular platform-like base, four small animals- elephant, horse, bull and lion are engraved and are separated by 4 wheels known as Dharma Chakras. The Elephant is ( Full Answer )

What is the Bird emblem for Northern Territory?

The bird (avian) emblem for the Northern Territory is the Wedge Tailed Eagle. The tourism industry of the NT has adopted the Jabiru, more correctly known as the Black-necked Stork (Australias' only native stork) flying through a large setting sun and this is often mistaken for the NT emblem.

What is Germany's national emblem?

Germany's national emblem is a crest with a black eagle posed with its wings spread. The background color is gold and the eagle is black with red legs and beak (the three colors of the German flag.)

What is the national animal emblem for Ireland?

There is no official national animal for Ireland. Animals considered by some people would include the Irish Hare, the Red Deer, the now extinct Irish Elk, the Irish Setter and the Irish Wolfhound.

What is the name of the National Emblem of France?

Depends of what you consider a national emblem. The French official emblem is the French flag, which they call 'le drapeau'. the national anthem is 'la Marseillaise'. The bust of Marianne, a feminine character present in most town halls, representing the Republic, and the Gallic rooster, are well-kn ( Full Answer )

What are Suriname's national emblems?

The coat of arms and the national flag are Suriname's national emblems. Specifically, the coat of arms symbolizes Suriname's past as a country inhabited by indigenous populations, escaped slaves and Dutch settlers. It also symbolizes the country's present and future based on justice, love and lo ( Full Answer )

What is the Australian bird emblem?

There is no national Australian bird emblem. Australia has neithera bird emblem nor a mammal emblem - just a floral emblem, which isthe Golden wattle. Some may believe the emu is the Australian birdemblem, but it is not.

How many lions in national emblems?

there are four lions in the national emblem of india there is one more just below the four main lions which face the four different directions

What is Indian national emblem?

The national emblem of India is a replica of the lion of sarnath, near varanasi in uttar pradesh.the lion capital was erected in the third century bc by emperor ashoka to mark the spot where baddha first proclaimed his gospel of peace and emancipation to the four quarters of the universe.the nationa ( Full Answer )

What does National Floral Emblem mean?

i do not know do you. by the way im 8 years old turning 9 in 2012 im studying about japan its hard see you ive got to go to a basketball game at 4.30 see you later losers.

Which bird was the emblem of Roman empire?

The eagle was the symbol of the Roman empire. The eagle was the symbol of the Roman empire. The eagle was the symbol of the Roman empire. The eagle was the symbol of the Roman empire. The eagle was the symbol of the Roman empire. The eagle was the symbol of the Roman empire. The eagle was the ( Full Answer )

What is Trinidad and Tobago National Emblems?

The National Anthem, The National Pledge, The National Song: God Bless Our Nation, The National Prayer, The Coat of Arms, The National Birds: Scarlet Ibis and Cocrico, The National Flower: Chaconia, The National Instrument: Steelpan, The Motto: Together We Aspire, Together We Achieve and the Nationa ( Full Answer )