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United Kingdom
northern Ireland, republic of Ireland the sea and England Scotland and wales

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What are the countries that surround England?


Which countries surround the United Kingdom?


What are the countries that border Ireland?

The United Kingdom is the closest country to Ireland. The other countries that surround Ireland are France, Spain, Portugal, and Iceland.

What are the countries that surround Madagascar?

what countries surround madagacar what countries surround madagacar what countries surround madagacar what countries surround madagacar Madagascar is an island off the east coast of Africa

Which countries surround the UK?

None. Britain is an island but the UK shares a land border with the Republic of Ireland.

What countries surround the Philippines?

countries that surround in philipines

How many countries surround India?

8 countries surround India

What citys surround Ireland?

No cities could be said to surround Ireland. Ireland is a large island. Close by is the island of Britain. On it are some cities which are not far from Ireland. Liverpool would be one of the closest.

Which countries surround Morocco?

Countries which surround Morocco is Algeria and Western Sahara.

Which countries and seas surround Britain?

Ireland Irish sea, north sea, Atlantic ocean, English channel, Bristol channel

What countries sorround Switzerland?

There are five countries that surround Switzerland. Germany and Liechtenstein are two countries that surround Switzerland. Austria, France, and Italy are the other three countries that surround Switzerland.

What are the countries that surround Bermuda triangle?

The countries that surround the BERMUDA TRINGALE are the MIAMI, PUERTO RICO and BAHAMAS.

Does Europe surround Ireland?

No. Ireland is part of Europe lying on Europe's extreme northeast.

What waters surround the Middle Eastern countries?

Why is it so difficult to get an answer to "what bodies of water surround the middle eastern countries"?

What two countries in the world surround the Aegean Sea?

I believe the two countries that surround the aegean sea are greece and turkey.

What countries and seas surround France?

countries that surround France are :GermanySpainItalyBelgiumLuxenbourgSwitzerlandSeas that surround France are:Bay of biscaythe English channel

What oceans surround Ireland?

The Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea

What seas and oceans surround Beijing?

The north ireland of china

What countries does England protect?

England protects countries that surround it.

What countries surround Portugal?


What countries surround the United Kingdom?

The UK is comprised of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The first three are on the island of Britain and Northern Ireland is on the island of Ireland, therefore the UK only shares a land border with one other country - the Republic of Ireland. At its closest point, the UK coast is only 22 miles from France. Other nearby countries are Belgium and Holland.

What countries surround Africa?

Africa is a continent. It is surrounded by water.Africa is a continent island, making it hard to define which countries surround it.

What countries surround South Carolina?

no countries surround South Carolina it is a state. it is surrounded by North Carolina, geogia and the Atlantic ocean :I

What are 3 countries that surround Mexico?

United States, Belize, and Guatemala surround Mexico.

What countries surround Everest?

Nepal and Tibet surround Mount Everest.

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