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The austro hungarians allied with Germany.

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Italy and Germany were allied to Japan during WWII.

It was Russia who defended Serbia against the Austrohungarian monarchy during WWI.

generally, on the sides of the countries they were colonies of

The five other countries allied with Great Britain during WWI were France, Russia, Italy, USA, and Serbia.

England, France, Russia, China as well as other countries were included in the Allied Powers during WW2.

Allied Countries (US, UK, France) and Axis Countries (Germany, Italy, Japan)

There were over a hundred countries that were not part of World War I.

During the Cold War, countries that allied themselves with the US and NATO were known as the 1st world. Countries that allied with the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact were the 2nd world. Countries that stayed nonaligned and neutral became known as the 3rd world. Today, third world nations refer to the poorest countries in the world.

Italy and Japan. Together, the three countries were called the Axis.

Austria- Hungary, Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire.

the allied countries were Russia, France, the u.s., great Britain (England), and Serbia.

During which world war? In the first it was the Germans, Austia-Hungary and the Italians. During the second it was The Brits, France, Russia etc.

actually there was 61 allied countries

the allies of Germany were Italy and Japan, England were U.s.a, England and russia

what did people think of the holocaust that was reported during world war two?

Germany & Italy were allied to Japan in WWII.

Germany was allied with three countries, not two: Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria.

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