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Obviously, there were four main countries affected by the American Revolution. Primarily, USA for governmental and liberational reasons, second comes Britain for loss of men and involvement that made them lose territories, and finally come France and Spain, who were American allies and lost men.

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Q: What countries were affected by the Revolutionary War?
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How were oppressed people in other countries affected by the Revolutionary war?

Not at all. Since back then America was not a power like it is today.

Who were the two main countries fighting in the Revolutionary War?

The two main countries fighting in the Revolutionary War were England and America.

What countries were neutral in the Revolutionary War?

Someone who did not support either side in the Revolutionary War

What countries did the US fight in the Revolutionary War?

In the Revolutionary War, the colonists were in rebellion against Britain.

What was it like to be a child during the revolutionary war?

Life was scary for a child during the Revolutionary War. The nation was at war, and it affected everyone, from towns people to farmers.

How was the US affected by the Revolutionary War?

USA became a free country

Why was World War 1 remembered by many countries?

because it affected many countries because it affected many countries

Who were the countries that were in the Revolutionary War?

The United States and England

Why was the Stamp Act so important in the Revolutionary War?

because they were indeoendednt countries and that lead to the revolutionary war. Hope this helps.

What country helped the patriots win the revolutionary war?

Multiple Countries helped the patriots win in the Revolutionary War. Mostly France helped.

Which two countries fought in the revolutionary war?

America and Britain

What are the boundary of the US after the Revolutionary War?

They are the countries that flighted for there country

What countries does the US ally with during the revolutionary war?


Which of these countries supported the Americans during the revolutionary war?


Was dutch one of the countries involved in the revolutionary war?


Which two countries fought in the revoltionary war?

USA and England fought in the revolutionary war.

What are some consequences to the Revolutionary War?

some of the consequences of the revolutionary war was affected economically speaking. There was economica disater and many deaths of ther colonist..Im not really sure

Which countries are affected by modern war?

figure it out like i did

Which battle won the Revolutionary War?

American Revolution War, which two countries were involved? who won?

What countries fought the revolutionary war on American soil?

british and American

What countries fought in the US Revolutionary War?

The US, UK and France.

What role did foreign countries play in the revolutionary war?

need help

What countries helped the patriots win the Revolutionary War?

France and Spain.

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What country's were effected by the Cold War?

ALL Countries were affected by the cold war.