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Japan was a part of the Axis Powers. Their allies were Germany and Italy.

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Did Japan have allies in World War 2?

Yes, Japan was allies with the Axis countries, which were Germany and Italy.

What countries were allies of Japan during World War 2?

Germany, Italy, Manchuko (which was just a puppet of Japan) and Menjuko were the main ones.

Who were the allied countries during World War 1?

the allies of Germany were Italy and Japan, England were U.s.a, England and russia

What countries were the enemies of US during World War 2?

the main ones were Germany, Italy, and Japan. These were called the Axis. They had allies, Egypt for one. We , our side, were called the Allies.Germany japan and Italy

Was Japan on the Allies and Axis during World War 2?

Japan as on the Axis side during WWII.

Were the US and Japan allies during World War 2?

No, the United States and Japan were not allies. Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, and that is the reason the United States entered the war.

What were the allies that fought against Hitler?

The main allies of Hitler in the war from other countries were members of the Axis Powers during the second world war. These members mainly included Japan and Italy. Hitler did have other allies from other countries which helped in his assistance during the war including Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria and Thailand. He did have other client states which did provide some assistance to Hitler during the war.

Which countries were are enemies during world war 11?

During World War II the primary enemies of the Allies (of which we were a part) were Japan and Germany. There were also other minor Axis countries which were part of the war.

What countries were not allies of Britain during world war 2?

Well there are many countries that wernt allied with Great Brittan. They where German Italy And Japan and tons more.

What countries were allies of japan durning world war 2?

Japan was part of the Axis Powers during WWII. The Axis Powers consisted of Germany, Italy, Japan, Romania, Bulgaria, and Hungary.

What were the two alliances during ww1 and World War 2?

They were the axis and the allies... the axis were the countries such as Germany, Italy and Japan. The allies were America, Great Britain, Russia, France, etc.

What countries were allies during the seven years' war?

French and Indians were allies. Colonists and British were allies.

Why did Germany go into war with Japan in World War 2?

Germany and Japan were allies during World War 2. They were not at war with each other.

What do you call it when countries opposed Germany Italy and Japan?

War. They were the axis powers and we were the allies.

Who were the alllies during World War 1?

The major Allies during World War I were France, Britain, Russia, and Italy. As the war dragged on, other countries joined the Allies.

During World War 2 Was China Part Of The Allies Or Axis?

China was with the allies as it had been invaded by Japan.

Who are allies to Germany?

Since this question is categorized under WW2 I assume the questioner means who were Germany's allies during the war. Germany's allies today are essentially all EU, NATO and UN countries. Germany's main allies during the war were Italy and Japan. Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Finland and Thailand were also allies of Germany's, to varying degrees.

What countries were your principals allies during the world war 2?

Britain, USA and Canada were the main allies.

Were the Chinese allies against Japan in World War 2?

Yes they were allies of the Great Britain, U.S , Russia, Canada , Australia, France and all other countries of the allied powers during WW2.

Which countries did the US fight during World War 2?

The US, one of the Allies, fought against the Axis Powers which included Germany, Italy and Japan.

What was the response of countries toward atomic bomb?

Japan surrendered toward the Allies and the war ended.

Why did the Allies want Japan?

You got it all wrong. The Allies didn't want Japan. Japan started the war by aggressively attacking the countries surrounding it. The Allies grouped together to stop Japan and liberate the countries that were under Japanese control. The Allies were trying to force Japan to surrender and this looked as it might require an invasion of the Japanese islands. dont listen to anything it says above. Japan was forced into the Picific War in order to create freedom. Japan violated now international laws or treaties.

Who were Germany's allies in World War 2?

Germany's allies during WWII were Italy and Japan. They were known as the Axis powers.

Who were America's main allies during World War 1?

WWI allies: -France -the UK -Italy -Japan -Russia

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