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What countries will take part in world war 3?

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There is no World War 3, and if there was we cannot predict the future. Therefore, we cannot know which countries will patricipate in World War 3. However, back to reality again, World War 3, has not taken place yet... We don't even know if there will be a World War 3.

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What is the number of countries that took part in World War 2?

I believe 6 countries took part in World War II.

Did Spain take part in World War I?

No, she did not take part in World War 1.She somehow took part in World War II during 'Spanish Civil war'.

What countries in Asia was not involed in World War 2?

How many countries took part in the world war two?

What caused different countries to take part in World War 2?

allied powers & every country had its own reason for joining the war

What two Asian countries became part of World War 2?

Most Asian countries were involved in World War 2

Which countries were are enemies during world war 11?

During World War II the primary enemies of the Allies (of which we were a part) were Japan and Germany. There were also other minor Axis countries which were part of the war.

Who was not one of the Allied nations during World War 1?

There were over a hundred countries that were not part of World War I.

What countries took part in World War one?

Take a look at the following Wikipedia page which will help. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_people_associated_with_World_War_I

Were Australia part of the Allied Forces?

In World War I Australia fought with other countries but in World War II they were not part of the Allied Forces that conquered the Axis Forces.

What countries won World War 1?

The countries that won WW1 were part of the allied Powers. These countries included in part the US, Russia, Italy, UK, and France.

What did Sweden do in World War 1?

Sweden didin't take part in the war.

Did any parts of Africa take part in World War 2?

Yes almost all of africa was involed.All of the MAIN countries were involed.

Which countries did New zealand fight with in world war 2?

New Zealand was part of the Allies in World War 2, so it fought with countries like Britain, US and Australia.

What countries took part in World War two?

The countries that took part in World War ll were U.S.A. and Russia vs. Germany and Japan. It started out with Russia against Germany but then Japan bombed Pearl Harbor so U.S.A. declared war on Japan.

What countries weren't part of war in World War 2?

The United States of America for the first 3 years.

Which countries were directly effected in world war 1?

Almost all countries that were directly a part of World War I. Some of the most notable countries are the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, Germany and many others.

Which countries were part of axis in world war 2?

nazi germany, italy, japan........

How many soldiers participated in World War1?

135 countries took part in the war.

What countries were allied with Russia in World War 2?

The Soviets were part of the allies in WW2.

The early part of World War 2-?

The early part of World War 2 saw the Germany forces take of the Allied military forces.

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