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1. Australia

2. Cambodia

3. Chile

4. Costa Rica

5. Cuba

6. Czech Republic

7. France

8. Iceland

9. North Korea

10. Laos

11. Liberia

12. Luxembourg

13. Myanmar (Burma)

14. Nepal

15. Netherlands

16. New Zealand

17. Norway

18. Panama

19. Russia

20. Samoa

21. Slovakia

22. Slovenia

23. Taiwan

24. Thailand

25. United Kingdom

26. United States

27. Faroe Islands

28. Reunion

There are also a few that are predominantly red white and blue with small amounts of other colors, like Philippines and Serbia.

- There are forty that I know of cannot think of them off the top of my head. (Reunion like some others are French Collony islands which use the layout of the French Flag in their own national flag - but the size of colours differenciates.)

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France if stripes are vertical. Russia if they are horizontal :).

Also, Australia, New Zealand, and America, as well as many other counrties

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America, UK, Australia all have red blue and white in their flag

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City of Berlin, GermanyTrinidad and Tobago


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Q: What country has red blue white flag?
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