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Q: What country in south west Asia was once known as the Dutch east Indies?
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Which country in south Asia was once known as the dutch east indies?


What is the South East Asian island controlled by dutch called?

dutch east indies

Which country in South America is classified as a country of the West Indies?

That country would have to be Guyana - as the only english speaking country on south america it is closely linked to the West Indies (all are former British colonies)

Where did people from the Netherland the dutch have their colonies?

Indonesia (Dutch East Indies) Suriname Parts of the Caribbean (Dutch West Indies) Sri Lanka (Ceylon) South Africa Parts of Brazil Taiwan Manhattan (New Amsterdam)

Smallest south American country whos main language is dutch?

I think the only country that speaks Dutch in South America is Suriname.

In what south American country is the dutch the official language?

Suriname is the South American country in which Dutch is the official language.Specifically, Suriname is South America's smallest independent country. It used to be a colony of the European Kingdom of the Netherlands. During its colonial period, the country's name was Dutch Guiana.

What is the independent country in south america and dutch is the official language?

Dutch is the official language in the country of Suriname.

What type of city is Cape Town?

The legislative capital of South Africa, in the extreme southwest part of the country on the Atlantic Ocean. It was founded in 1652 as a supply station for the Dutch East Indies Company. Population: 2,890,000. It's also a very dangerous economy now. Robbery is well-known

What South American country was colonized by the Netherlands?

An area of Guyana, which became known as Dutch Guyana and is now called Surinam(e).

Which country colonised south Africa in 1652?


Afrikaners are Dutch inhabitants of what country?

South Africa

What is the English-speaking island country in the West Indies south of Cuba?