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Vietnam is a new country (created in 1975/76) located in Southeast Asia.

Prior to 1975 there was a North and a South Vietnam.

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Is Vietnam a country or a capital city?

Vietnam is a country. Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam.

In what country is Vietnam in?

Vietnam IS a country. It is in Southeast Asia.

What was the difference between north Vietnam and south Vietnam in the Vietnam war?

North Vietnam was a communist country. The Republic of South Vietnam was a free country.

When do Vietnam won the war?

There was no country called "Vietnam" during the war. There was a country called North Vietnam and another country called South Vietnam, which one are you asking about?

What country is Vietnam located in?

Vietnam is a country, in the Southeast portion of Asia.

What country does Vietnam belong to?

Vietnam is a country in it's own right.

Is Vietnam a heroic country?

Yes. Vietnam want peace, not war. Of course Vietnam is the heroic country.

Is Laos in Vietnam?

Lao's borders Vietnam west side. Laos is a country and Vietnam is another country they are independent. Laos is not in Vietnam, it is a neighbor.

What was the first country to colonize Vietnam?

china was the first country to colonize Vietnam

Is Vietnam a poor or rich country?

Vietnam is a poor Country, but there are poorer countries.

Is Vietnam a country or a continent?

Vietnam is a country, not a continent. It is located in Southeast Asia.

What is Vietnam?

Vietnam is a country in Southeast Asia.

Is Vietnam a communist country still?

Yes the whole country of Vietnam is still a communist country.

What was like in Vietnam after the Vietnam War?

The two Vietnams become ONE Vietnam (one country-albeit a communist country).

What country borders Cambodia and Vietnam?

LAOS is the only country that borders both Cambodia and Vietnam.

Where was Vietnam fought?

It was fought in Vietnam a country in Asia

Does it snow in the country of Vietnam?

yes, it does snow in vietnam.

Is Vietman a country?

Yes, Vietnam is a country that is now officially known as the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

Why is north and south Vietnam fighting?

Communist North Vietnam was attempting to take over democratic South Vietnam to unify Vietnam as a socialist country. South Vietnam was defending its sovereignty as an independent country.

How long has Vietnam been a communist country?

The entire country of Vietnam became a socialist republic in April 1975. North Vietnam officially became a communist country in 1954.

What happened to Vietnam after the US left the country after the Vietnam war?

The NVA launched a full scale invasion of South Vietnam, and conquered the country.

Is Vietnam a real hero?

Of course Vietnam is the hero. Vietnam is the heroic country in Asia.

Is Vietnam a country in Central Asia?

No. Vietnam is in Southeast Asia.

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