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MONACO borders southeastern France and has coastline along the Mediterranean Sea.

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Q: What country is found in southeastern France along the Mediterranean Sea?
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What is the capital of the country north of Spain that has coastlines on the Mediterranean sea?

PARIS is the capital of France. France is a country due north of Spain that has coastline along the Mediterranean Sea.

Does turkey border the Mediterranean sea?

Yes. The southeastern part of Anatolia runs along the Mediterranean Sea.

What country has an Atlantic Mediterranean coast?

France does, Morocco does and Spain does. Morocco's coastline is a continuous one along both whereas France and Spain have coastlines on the Atlantic and Mediterranean that are separate.

Where was the second battle of Marne fought?

Along the Marne River in Southeastern France.

Where is the location of ancient greece?

The ancient civilization of Greece was located in southeastern Europe along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

The area of France along the mediterranean sea is referred to as the french?


What country was along the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea?

EGYPT touches both the Mediterranean and Red Seas.

What is the origin country of beets?

Beets originated along the Mediterranean and India.

Is France in Southern Europe?

France would more commonly be regarded as being in western Europe. However in the southeast of France it has a short coastline along the Mediterranean Sea, and it is the countries on the Mediterranean Sea that are in southern Europe.

What eurpean nation is located along riveria?

The European nations located along the Riviera are France and Italy. The two Rivieras lie along the Mediterranean Sea in southern France and northwestern Italy.

Which country has tourist resorts along the Mediterranean sea - Cameroon or Tunisia?


What continent is Libya on?

The country of Libya is in north Africa - along the Mediterranean coast

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