What course gives a better job computer science or information technology?

That depends on what you mean by a 'better job.' The earning potential in both fields is high, the main difference being that information technology is the application of computer technology to the workplace, whereas computer science is the study of computer systems and interfaces. Large corporations have high demands for information technology, and often pay well. Research in computer science is happening at both the institutional level and the private level, and private industry rewards computer scientists very well, in most cases, due to the extensive educations they must have. Mathematics is the basis for much of computer science, and advanced math classes are essential in advancing in computer science.

So, if you desire to work with people, helping them to do their jobs, then information technology is what you would like. If you are interested in building better computers, or making the ones that we have work better, then you would enjoy computer science. Which do you think would be better?