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What courses should a first year community college student take?



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Typically, entering freshmen are placement tested for appropriate basic skills, to include English and Math competency (if not otherwise exempt). The test is broken down into four parts; two parts English, two parts Math:


* Sentence sense, grammar * Reading comprehension


* Computation - addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, decimals, fractions, square roots, and percentages * Equivalent to high school Algebra I This is not a test you pass or fail, but strictly placement. If the scores are low in any or all parts of the test, the student must first complete developmental courses as prescribed by the academic adviser. These are the first priority courses students must fulfill successfully before enrolling in college level courses. If the scores are high enough or the student has completed the prescribed courses, students are then allowed to register for college level courses.

In general, the first year of college involves English Composition, Math (if the curriculum calls for it), Social Science, Humanities, Exact Sciences, and foundational courses particular to the major field of study.