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Generally you will need to sue in a federal district court, this however depends on several issues. Suing an instituion such as a bank can become time consuming and expensive, one alternative and more likely successful option is to find others who have experienced the same negative problems and file a class action suit. The following agencies can give more specific information concerning the specific circumstances involved. Federal Trade Commission, Consumer Response Center, Washington, D.C. 20508 (1-202-326-222) FDIC (for federally state insured banks) Consumer Affairs 550 17th St. NW Washington, D.C. 2049 (1-877-275-3342)

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Q: What court do you use to sue your former mortgage bank out of state?
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Can you reinstate a home foreclosure although the court gave the bank judgment?

You can reinstate your mortgage after judgment was entered. The bank can move to have the court set aside the judgment.

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How do you become a qualified mortgage lender?

A mortgage lender must be licensed and work within a bank, mortgage bank, or mortgage broker.

What information is needed to used the Bank of America mortgage rate calculator?

The information needed to use the Bank of America mortgage rate calculator is the price of the mortgage (or cost), the percentage of the cost that will be covered by the down payment, the term of the mortgage (in years), and the state in which the applicant lives.

How do you get your name off your ex husbands mortgage in new york state?

how do i get my name off my ex husbands mortgage in new york state if he cannot requalify with the bank

What are Savings and Mortgage Banks?

A saving bank is a usual bank which offers you al the facilities of a normal Baking Arena, whereas a Mortgage Bank is a bank which specializes in Mortgage Plans.

Where can one borrow loans for a mortgage?

There are many businesses and banks that will provide loans for a mortgage. Among the options are NationWide, PNC Mortgage, Bank of America, Hunington, and State Farm.

Where can you get a city bank mortgage?

You can easily apply for a City Bank mortgage from their website, or you can apply for a mortgage by walking into your local branch of City Bank and requesting an application.

Is Bank Mutual a mortgage company or an actual bank?

Bank Mutual is an actual bank although they can help you with your mortgage needs. You can bank in person or online with them.

What bank is servicing the mortgage held by first nationwide mortgage?

First Nationwide Bank

How can someone get a second mortgage in Canada?

You can get a second mortgage in Canada by applying to a bank such as State Farm. There will be conditions on the total loan to value ratio and also one your ability to repay the mortgage.

What is the phone number to make a Bank of America mortgage payment?

The number needed to make mortgage payments are different in each state. Mortgage payments can also be made online or by mail.

Can a mortgage borrower apply for court foreclosure?

No. A borrower cannot "apply" for foreclosure. A bank commences a foreclosure when the borrower defaults on their mortgage payments.No. A borrower cannot "apply" for foreclosure. A bank commences a foreclosure when the borrower defaults on their mortgage payments.No. A borrower cannot "apply" for foreclosure. A bank commences a foreclosure when the borrower defaults on their mortgage payments.No. A borrower cannot "apply" for foreclosure. A bank commences a foreclosure when the borrower defaults on their mortgage payments.

Where can you get a list of bank mortgage rates?

You can get a list of bank mortgage rates directly from the bank that you want to work with. You can also get the current mortgage rate from a realtor, but these rates will change periodically.

How do you mortgage subordinate?

You can't subordinate a mortgage. One bank, the senior lender, sometimes subordinates their mortgage to a bank who is giving the homeowner a new mortgage. The subordination gives the new mortgage first place and the old mortgage becomes the second mortgage.

How did mortgage defaults affect banks involved in mortgage lending and mortgage investing?

Non performing mortgage loans hurts a bank's profitability. This should cause a bank to be more prudent when making mortgage loans. In severe cases of defaults, a bank may decide to cease making such loans. To avoid more risk, the bank could find another bank to sell its mortgage portfolio to.

If a bank that holds your mortgage fails what happens to that mortgage?


Is a re mortgage the same thing as a mortgage?

No, a mortgage is a loan taken from a bank to purchase land or property. A remortgage is a loan taken from a bank to pay off an existing mortgage. This is done in an attempt to lower the amount of interest paid to the bank, and should not be confused with a second mortgage.

What is the maximum number of people that can get a mortgage on one house?

Talk to the mortgage officer of the bank. The bank is interested in "having names" on the mortgage to assure the bank that the bank will be repaid for the money that it loaned. The laws of the state may have a bearing. In some states, an unmarried couple can share responsibility. In other states, they can't. Be careful when you "get too many names" on the mortgage. It leads to bickering in the event of a non payment. It complicates things when the house is to be sold and the mortgage retired. Get some legal and tax advice on this. Be careful. Mike B

Can you transfer real estate by will without paying off mortgage?

Any other person who may inherit the property would inherit it subject to the mortgage. If the mortgage is not paid the bank can take possession of the property by foreclosure. The person who owned the property at the time of the mortgage signed their rights in the property over to the bank when they signed the note and mortgage. Depending on your state laws the bank either owns the property or has a lien on it until the debt is paid. The bank will not release its interest until it's paid in full.

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Some of the most profitable mortgage companies in the US, are: Bank of America, Wells Fargo Mortgage, CitiMortgage, U.S. Bank Home Mortgage, and Sun Trust Bank.

What is the meaning of savings and mortgage bank?

Savings is any income that is saved instead of spent. A mortgage bank specializes in starting and servicing mortgage loans.

What are some names of mortgage refinance companies?

Mortgage refinance companies include Freddie Mac, Pacific Credit Union, Federal Credit Union, Affinity Credit Union, Amegy Bank and Hartwick State Bank.

What website has royal bank mortgage calculators?

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