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What crops grow in Brazil?

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y grow the same thing as u.s.

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Where would Brazil grow crops?

What sort of crops grow in brazil!

Why does Brazil produce so many crops?

Brazil produces so many crops because it is in a climate where it is easy for plants to grow. In the amazon which is in Brazil the crops grow like weeds making them produce a lot of crops. Hope this helped :D

Why do people grow crops in Brazil?

Because they have become accustomed to eating.

What kind of crops does Brazil grow?

brazil grows citrus fruit and all kinds of healthy stuff.

What plants grow in Brazil?

aphine rosesdaffidolsorchidsnutscrops

How do people depend on the environment in Brazil?

People in Brazil depend on Fertile Soil for their money. They depend on it because they grow crops with it.

What crops does Brazil grow?

Coffee, Oranges, limes, corn, rice, bananas, cocoa, and A LOT more.

What crops do they grow in Brazil?

Coffee, Oranges, limes, corn, rice, bananas, cocoa, and A LOT more.

What crop did settlers first grow in Brazil?

Settlers in Brazil grew sugarcane as their first crop. The crops were labor intensive which was a catalyst for bringing in slave labor.

What crops grow in Paris France?

Crops grow in France!Crops grow in France!

What important crops grow in Brazil?

Sugar cane, citrus fruit, coffee, cocoa tobacco and banana. 🌝

Name two crops that Brazil is famous for?

Brazil is famous for crops like Rice and Soybeans

Where does Mexico grow crops?

they grow crops in farmlands

How does the people of Brazil depend on its environment?

They Depend on Fertile soil, for their money. They depend on it because they grow crops with fertile soil.

What are crops and minerals of Bolivia?

Brazil mines silver, lead, and zinc. They grow soybeans, quinoa, Brazil nuts, sugarcane, coffee, corn, rice, potatoes, chia, coca.

What is grow crops?

seeds of a fruit or vegetable grow crops

How does climate in Brazil affect Brazil's food?

It effects the food in the way it grows if it is very cold there then the food will die because most food in Brazil are crops grown on farms so in order for the crops to grow the climate would have to be warm and sometimes wet.

How do crops grow?

To grow crops you need sun and water over time the crops will grow. Don't give the crops too much water or sunlight or it will overflow.....

What animals do you grow crops for?

we grow crops for cows,goats etc...

Five products that are produced in Brazil?

The five products mostly produced in Brazil are corn, coffee, potatoes, tobacco, and apples. People grow these in Brazil and sell them to people for money. They also trade for them. These would definitely be considered as cash crops

Where does the Brazil tree grow?


Do they grow cash crops in Pennsylvania?

Yes they do Yes they do grow cash crops

What crops grow in Italy?

help! i don't no what Italians grow...... i mean crops

How did the ancient Egyptian farmers grow crops?

yes they grow crops on the river

What is necessary to grow crops in a desert?

Irrigation is needed to grow crops in the desert.