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well no damage will really happen the thermostat allows the motor to get to a warm temp with out one the motor will (should) run slightly cooler but in the winter months the heater will not work very good.

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Can 95 cirrus be driven without thermostat?

All cars can be driven without a thermostat. The thermostat is used to heat the car in winter by forcing the water temperature up.

Can Renault tractor 106-54 stuck in diff lock be driven any distance without damage to tractor?

If the driveway is a straight line there shouldn't be a problem.Beware of turns,a single turn will damage your tractor big time.

Where is the radiator thermostat?

House heat will either have a mechanical valve on the radiator or an electrically driven valve with a wall mounted thermostat. A car will have it in the or on the engine where the outlet hose connects (this is most common)

What happens to a car that is driven with no oil filter?

No oil filter, no oil, lots of damage.

What kind of electricity used for LCD and LED means ac or dc?

LCDs are driven with AC, to prevent electrolytic damage to the thin transparent electrodes. LEDs are driven with DC.

What causes your 1997 Nissan Quest to run hot when driven?

The first thing I would check is the coolant level. If it's full, it could be the thermostat.

Does it damage a car to be driven only twice a week?

No, not as long as the engine is allowed to reach normal operating temperature.

Where is the thermostat and water pump located on a '91 Subaru Legacy?

Crawl under your car on the front drivers side. Follow the lower radiator hose from the radiator to the motor. The thing that the hose is clamped to is the thermostat housing. The thermostat housing bolts to the bottom of the water pump. The water pump is driven by the timing belt.

Is 135000 miles bad for a 2001 Mercury Cougar?

For an almost 8 year old car that is a bit bad. Most people drive on average 12,000 miles per year. So the Cougar was driven heavily at about 16,875 miles per year. So it's not a gently used car.

Is a car fixable if you drive it with no oil?

Engine seized? No Depending on distance driven - might have done permanent damage to engine

Where is the water pump on a 1999 cougar 2.5 engine located?

On the driver's side of the engine driven bay a separate, dedicated, belt assembly. It can be found by looking in-between the battery and cylinder head.

Can you drive a car without a catalytic converter?

Yes, a car can be driven without a catalytic converter. However, it is illegal to drive a car without them because of emissions.

If a mother owned a car with full coverage insurance and her 22 year old son with a license took it without permission and had an accident would it be covered?

In a Non Permissive use accident, The insurer does not cover damage or injury to another party, However damage to the vehicle being driven will likely be covered the same as if the vehicle was stolen and damaged.

What does 'dialog driven' mean in regards to writing style?

It refers to the conversations between the characters. A dialogue-driven story is told in the conversation, without a lot of descriptive paragraphs. Elmore Leonard writes dialogue-driven stories.

Is there a plug or bolt next to the thermostat housing on a 2002 Dodge Intrepid?

If you are seeing coolant leak out of the hole next to the thermostat on a 2.7L, that is the water pump weep hole. You water pump needs replaced. The water pump is internal to the front of the engine, driven by the timing chain.

Why do hurricanes do more damage than tornadoes?

Hurricanes are much larger than tornadoes and so can cause damage to a much larger area, even if that damage is less severe. Additionally, tornadoes cause damage purely through wind and wind-driven debris while hurricanes often cause major flooding in addition to wind damage.

What does self-driven mean?

Self-driven means that you are motivated to accomplish something without an external reward. For example, you may be self-driven to be the first person to arrive at work everyday even though it doesn't result in a raise or promotion.

How do you identify a motor and a generator without operation?

a motor drives something a generator is driven by something

What types of damage can occur to a car when driven over a curb?

The damage to the car depends on many different factors. One of the factors is how fast you were traveling at the time of the incident. The most common result is a dent in the rim.

Will a serpentine belt failure damage the engine on the 2001 Rodeo V6?

Not usually but it can be an indication of a problem with one of the driven accessories. A timing belt in many circumstances can indeed do damage if it breaks so replace it at the proper intervals.

A characteristics of gilded age diplomacy was that it?

Was driven by partisan politics and carried without any national purpose.

What does a rusty undercarriage signify on a used car that is only 4 years old?

The car was probable a northern car and driven during the winter in the salted ice/snow. Can also be a car that was driven near saltwater. Can also be a car with flood damage.

Why is your 1998 ford escort over heating when driven but wont just sitting at a idle?

It's overheating when driven because there is much more heat to dissipate than when it is just idling. Your radiator might need back flushing or your thermostat needs replacing. Change the stat first, then flush the radiator.

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