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When the car stalls out, depending on speeds, you can strip part of your transmission. (Basically break the tranny). Most stalls are stripping and what not when it comes to stalling, also I'm pretty sure you can short out some of the systems inside the vehicle.

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Q: What damage is done when a manual car stalls?
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If a car was parked and another car pushed it a couple of yards could this cause same damage to the drivetrain?

Depend on whether it is automatic or manual and if you had the car in gear. If automatic, your parking pin in the transmission may have broken. If manual, yes something in the clutch or gears may be damaged. IMO, if your park is still working, then no damage has been done. Pushing the car 6ft would not damage either the gears or clutch on a manual, and the only damage that could be done to an A/T would be to break the Park Pall.

Why would your automatic car start fine idle fine but when you put it into gear it stalls?


How can you tell what damage was done by putting in car battery backwards?

Car battery charges can check the damage done to the actual battery but to the entire car is another story

What to do after a no damage car accident?

IF no damage has been done to all parties then there is nothing to do.

Is undercarriage damage to a car reversible?

ALL damage to a car is repairable. The real question is can it be done cheaply enough to make it worth whyle and can it be done well enough to be as servicible as before the damage.

When do you do a tune up on a car?

The owner's manual that came with the car tells you when various services should be done. Frequently it is better to do them more often than recommended in the owner's manual, but they should be done at least as often as recommended by the owner's manual.

What does it mean when someone has liability insurance?

It means that their insurance company will pay for damage done to the other party. However, they are on their own for damage done to their own car and their own medical expenses. Collision coverage is for damage done to your car during an accident. Comprehensive coverage would cover other types of damage, such as a tree falling on your car or the actions of vandals.

When a car stalls what happens?

The engine stops.

Why would driving through a puddle cause Honda civic to stall?

Sometimes a car stalls when driving though water because water got sucked up into the engine. This can cause a lot of damage, so don't attempt to restart the car after it stalls. Have the car towed so the engine can be stripped down and drained of the water.

What does it mean when your car stalls when its raining?

When your car stalls when its raining, it may be getting water in the distributor cap. Make sure the cap is on properly.

How often does your car need a service?

Your owners manual will give you detail on when your car needs specific services done.

Why your manual car cuts off while driving with air condition on?

depending on what car it should cut out because the engine is being sapped of the power by the a.c and the gearbox stalls espicially up hills.

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