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The engine probably ran a little bit funny, but no damage would have been caused.

Assuming that the oil filler cover is what you mean... probably not much, but maybe a bit messy on the engine.

I would immediatley check the oil level in the car. If it is still within 1 Quart form the top mark) then nothing happened.

I would then buy a can of engine cleaner like Gunk and spray the hot engine where the oil has srpayed. Then after about 10 minutes I would wash the stuff ogg with a hose (with the engine off), then restart the car and run the car for another 10 minutes or so to DRY OFF the engine completely.

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โˆ™ 2015-07-17 17:32:05
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Q: What damage was caused by leaving the oil cover off while driving about 100 miles?
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