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What date did Columbia go up in space?

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The space shuttle Columbia was launched into space in 1981. The date was April 12, 1981. This same space shuttle would later explode in 2003, killing the seven-member crew.

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First indian woman in space?

The first Indian woman to go into space went up in 1997 on the Columbia space shuttle. Her name was Kalpana Chawla. Sadly, she passed away in 2003 during the Columbia space shuttle tragedy.

What space shuttle blew up in the 1996?


What space shuttle blew up over Texas?

The Columbia

When did space shuttle atlantis blow up?

no, space shuttle atlantis didn't blow up, the shuttles that blew up were columbia and challenger.

What 2 spaceshuttles blew up?

Space Shuttles Challenger and Columbia.

What is the space shuttle Columbia used for?

nothing. it blew up in reentry.

What will go up in space when there is no space shuttle?

Space planes will go up now that the space shuttle program was dropped. :(

When did the Columbia Space Crew notice the damage?

never, they just burned up.

Do you have to go up in space to be an astronaut?

No u do not need to go up into space to be an astronaut. Actually many astronauts train and train but don't get to go up in space.

What happened to the on February 1 2003?

on reentry the space shuttle Columbia burned up.

What are the names of the 2 space shuttles that blew up what year?

Challenger 1986, Columbia 2003

Why go to space?

space explorers go to space cause they want to research and explore space to find out for themselves whats up their.

How far up does space go?

Space goes on forever.

How do you get in space in Poptropica?

You cant go up into space for no reason

Which space shuttles blew up?

The space shuttle Challenger blew up apon leaving the launch pad because of a frozen o-ring, and the space shuttle Columbia blew up upon rentry because of a broken heat-shield.

When was the Columbia space shuttle accident?

== == The space shuttle Columbia broke apart and partially burned up while re-entering earth's atmosphere over Texas on February 1, 2003. The entire seven member crew were killed.

When did the space shuttle blow up?

Challenger exploded on ascent in 1986. Columbia burned up on reentry in 2003. The rest were retired after 2011.

Names of the Space Shuttles that have blowen up or failed during space flight?

Space Shuttle Challenger exploded just a few seconds into a flight in 1986. Space Shuttle Columbia exploded during its reentry in 2003.

What year did the space shuttle Atlantis blow up?

It hasn't blown up - Challenger and Columbia were the shuttles destroyed in accidents in 1986 and 2003 respectively.

Can you go up the Space Needle?


How many space shuttles have blew up in space?

No shuttles have blown up in space. The Challenger disintegrated after launch on Jan 28, 1986 and the Columbia disintegrated during re-entry on Feb 1, 2003. Both were in the earth's atmosphere when they disintegrated.

Did Ashton Kutcher really sign up to be sent into space?

Yes he did. The date of Kutcher's voyage into space is not yet known.

Why was the canadarm created?

It was made to pick up a payload and repair and deploy satelites. Because of the accident of the space shuttle columbia.

Which space shuttle exploded in the space while returning to the earth killing all the astronauts?

none. The Challenger exploded low in the atmosphere and Columbia burned up like a meteor high in the atmosphere. Neither were in space.

Why do animals go up into space?

The reason is because scientist needed to test if people could also go up into space so they sended animals up to test so.

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