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Car ads are printed on Saturdays because most people go to look for cars on their days off, and Saturday is a day most workers have off.

the newspaper has the most car ads in the Saturday edition. it varys from location to location.

Depends actually if what day most/least car owners decide to advertise. If you are really searching for car classifieds then I suggest that you search it in the internet.

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Q: What day of the week does the newspaper have the most car ads?
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Where is it possible to view car ads?

It is possible to view car ads on your TV, a newspaper, car showrooms, Billboards on streets. It may be worth checking free ads and asking people you know; some drivers advertise on their car.

Where can you find car wanted ads?

One can find car wanted ads by checking the classified section of one's local newspaper. In that section, some people will take out car wanted ads and have a number to contact for those who are interested.

Where can I find a lifted Toyota?

Check out for local ads. Most used car dealerships will not take in lifted cars due to warranty and safety concerns. Another place to look is the local newspaper ads.

Where can I find good used cars in classifieds?

EBay and tracer are two nationally used sites for getting used cars through classified ads. Your local newspaper also will have these car ads, and since they are local you can easily check the car out.

Where can you find a used car?

You may use classified ads to locate used cars. You can used ads from the newspaper, the radio/t.v., and the internet. By doing this you may land into car dealers, private sellers, or businesses that sells cars. The internet by far holds the most information about this and by using it, you can locate the car that fits your taste and your budget-and accessible to you. You may also use this classified ads to compare car values and pricing to determine which car purchase would be best for you. Good luck with it.

How do you sell a car that still has a large balance on the loan?

You could try ebay,auctions, personal sale or want ads in the newspaper or online.

Is it better to look online or in a newspaper to find the most car classified ads?

In my opinion, looking in the online is a good choice to find the large and variety of car classified ads. You will be given wide choice to choose your cars in the online. Everyone is giving thier car ads in the websites rather than newspapers. There's a far greater selection available online. While classified ads cover rather small geographic areas you could search the entire country online. Of course it's only practical to buy a car you can personally inspect.

How do I place an ad for car for sale ?

To get your car noticed, call your local Pennysaver or newspaper to place an ad. There is usually a small fee when placing local ads. You can also post your car ad on for free.

Where can you find a used Honda sale in Melbourne Australia?

Look in you local newspaper ads, in the car section of your newspaper. If that does not work go to your local Honda dealer and ask them if when and where you would find the closest sales site.

How can I find the same car at a low price?

You can check the local car dealers in your area or the newspaper classified ads. In addition, you can check the local free papers in your area for a similar vehicle that is for sale.

Where can information on buying used cars be found?

Edmunds has a 10 step list of what to do when buying a used car. If you are looking to buy a used car, there are magazines, newspaper ads, and dealership ads that can help you find the car you are looking for. Used car dealerships can also help you find what you are looking for, as well as help you get the best price and interest rate.

Where can one find a car trailer for sale?

To find a car trailer or sale I would suggest you check your local newspaper want ads , ask your friends if they know of anyone selling or go to your local car dealership.

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