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What degree should you go for in order to fulfill the need of being creative and productive cinema animation or an unsuggested career?

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2007-08-12 15:34:12
2007-08-12 15:34:12

First, lets not assume that being productive and creative is particular only to the arts. One can be productive and creative within all career paths. Still, I understand your need to find your passion. Because you have mentioned cinema and animation, we will keep our focus on the Fine Arts and Communication/Media areas. The following are some programs of

study that are interesting and satisfying for those individuals who have an inherent need to be creative and productive.

* Graphic Design - Students learn the theoretical and practical design skills involved in creating visuals combining images and typography. They acquire knowledge of the use of diverse materials and various media traditionally employed in the foundation-level graphic design studio activities. Students will develop a familiarity with traditional layout, comps, thumbnail, and sketch modes of visualization. In addition, students gain a practical understanding of the use of tools of design, including specialized computer software and design software programs.

OK, now the above is the kind of program information you are looking for in each of the following suggested fields. If a field interests you, the next step would be to speak with faculty within that department to get a better understanding, more detailed information, and a tour of the facilities associated with that particular program of study. The following are some suggested fields only without the detail as in the above. Otherwise I would be writing a book on this site.

* Fine Arts/Illustration

* Communications Desktop Publishing

* Communications/Film

* Communications/Multimedia

* Communication/Television

* Communications/Radio

* Game Development/Creation

* Multi Media Design

The important issue here is that you should research all possibilities and gain as much knowledge as you can particular to each field so that you are able to make a reasonable decision for yourself.


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