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What did Abraham Lincoln do before coming to office?

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As a young man, Lincoln had jobs, which consisted of manual labor. He was a railsplitter, and a Flatboatman. When he moved to New Salem, Illinois where he held jobs as storekeeper, postmaster, and surveyor. He then ran and lost, then ran again for state assembly in Illinois, won, and was reelected, several times. He then began to study law, and in 1836, at age 25, he passed the bar and was licensed to practice law in the state of Illinois.

In 1837, Lincoln became a Circuit Lawyer, and travelled throughout Illinois, practicing law. In 1844, he formed a Private Law practice with a partner, William Herndon, and Illinois ablest Lawyer.

In 1847, he was elected to the US House of Representatives, for one single term, and became known for both his opposition to the Mexican War and the institution of slavery. In 1856, he switched Political parties, and ran for the US Senate as a Republican, against Stephen Douglas; Lincoln lost to Douglas.

In 1860, he was nominated for the US Presidency, won, and sworn in as the 16th president, on March 4, 1861.

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What year did Abraham Lincoln get out of office?

Abraham Lincoln got out of office in 1865

What year did Abraham Lincoln take office?

Abraham Lincoln took office in 1861.

Before serving in office Lincoln gained experience doing what?

Abraham Lincoln was a Civil War person.

What 3 presidents were in the office before Abraham Lincoln?

They were Filmore, Pierce, and Buchanan.

Was Abraham Lincoln a vice president before he was the president?

No- his highest office before president was US Congressman.

How long was Abraham Lincoln in office before he was assinated?

He was President from 1861-1865 so he was in office for 4 years.

Did Abraham Lincoln Lincoln always have a beard?

No but he had it when he was in office

What day did Abraham Lincoln take office for president?

On March 4th, 1861, Abraham Lincoln took office for president.

What is the date Abraham Lincoln was inaugurated into office?

Abraham Lincoln was inaugurated on March 4, 1861.

What national offices held by Abraham Lincoln?

Yes, there was an office held when Abraham was president and that office was oval office.

Was James K. Polk a president before Abraham Lincoln?

Yes, Polk who the 13th president took office in 1845. Lincoln (#16) took office in 1861.

Does Abraham Lincoln have any regrets about his term in office?

Abraham Lincoln did have regrets

Who were the presidents who died in office?

abraham lincoln

Was Abraham Lincoln impeached?

No, the Former President Abraham Lincoln was not impeached. Former President Lincoln was removed from office when he was shot at a theatre.

Abraham Lincoln's years in office?

Abraham Lincoln began his first term in 1861 and was assassinated in 1865 before he finished his second term. He was in office for a little over four years.

When did Abraham Lincoln first take office?

He took his office in 1861

What was Abraham Lincolns occupation before he became president?

Before being elected to the office of President, Abraham Lincoln served in both the state and national House of Representatives. Prior to his career in politics, Lincoln had success in banking and commerce.

When was the first time Abraham Lincoln ran for an office?

Abraham Lincoln ran for his first public office in 1832. He lost an election to the Illinois State legislature.

Did Abraham Lincoln have any terms of his office?

Lincoln was elected to two terms, but he only served a few weeks of his second term before his assassination.

Name the presidents who died in office?

Abraham Lincoln

How Long Was Abraham Lincoln in the office?

Four Years

Who was the tallest president to serve in office?

abraham lincoln

Who was first president to be assassinated in office?

Abraham Lincoln

Why did Abraham Lincoln move to Salem?

to run for office

What was the South's reaction to the election of Abraham Lincoln to the US presidency?

The Southern states did not want the Republican Abraham Lincoln to be elected into office. Before Lincoln took the presidential seat, seven states in the South had already called delegates to succeed from the Union.