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The Pres. Who Started the Vietnam MessEisenhower sent military advisors to Vietnam. I don't believe he went there personally. He got the whole mess started. WRONGEisenhower left office in January 1961. KENNEDY (the favorite of the peace-loving Democrats) sent the first equipment and advisors to Vietnam, so Ike had no part in the Vietnam War. YOU ARE WRONG...Eisenhower sent military to Vietnam in 1959 to train and arm the South Vietnamese. Look it up. Sort of wrong again.TRUMAN sent the first equipment and advisors in 1950.

EISENHOWER sent billions of dollars worth of equipment and a few hundred advisors but refused to send combat troops or even provide air support.

KENNEDY sent the first combat forces.

Nope ... that's still not quite right!Kennedy increased the number of advisors from Eisenhower's several hundred to 16,000. In Oct '63 Kennedy approved National Security Action Memorandum 263, on Robert McNamara's advice (SecDef), authorizing the staged withdrawal of all advisors over about two years, beginning with the first 1000 by the end of the year. JFK was murdered the month after he signed NSAM-263. Then instead of a phased disengagement, LBJ embarked on a gradual increase in the number of advisors to, I think, about 25,000. Only after that did LBJ send in the first ground combat troops, a matter of months after the Gulf of Tonkin, I believe.


Truman sent equipment and advisors, eisenhower sent advisors, intelligence agents and Air America. Then Kennedy increased our aid to include more troops. I could be wrong though....

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Q: What did Eisenhower do in the Vietnam War?
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Who was American president when Vietnam war started?


When did president eisenhower declarE war on Vietnam?

The United States never officially declared war on Vietnam or North Vietnam.

Who was president when war was at Vietnam?

There were 4 presidents during Vietnam war. Started Eisenhower and ended with Nixon.

Who was president when the Vietnam War began?

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Who was the first President to get the US involved in the Vietnam war?


What brought the US into the Vietnam war?

President Eisenhower initiated it.

When did the Americans get into the Vietnam war?

Under the Eisenhower administration in '55.

How did Eisenhower support the Vietnam's War efforts?

He provided money, war material, weapons and advisors to South Vietnam.

Who was the us pres during the vietnam war?

The Presidents who served during the Vietnam War are usually Eisenhower to Ford.

What diplomatic methods did eisenhower use in the Vietnam war?

See website: Statistics About the Vietnam War. Recommended by the History Channel.

Who was president at Vietnam war?

Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford.

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President Eisenhower.

What theory did President Eisenhower believe in during the Vietnam War?


Did President Kennedy put us in the Vietnam war?

He inherited it from Eisenhower.

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Eisenhower thru Ford.

What time year was the Vietnam war?

'55 Eisenhower to '75 Ford.

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Eisenhower sent US military advisers to Vietnam in '55.President Eisenhower sent US Advisers to Vietnam in 1955.

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President Dwight Eisenhower sent US advisers to Vietnam in 1955.

Which American presidents reigned during the Korean and Vietnam War?

Truman had Korea; Eisenhower initiated Vietnam.

What were the politics of Eisenhower during the V ietnamese war?

Eisenhower sent US Military Advisers to Vietnam in 1955.

How come president Eisenhower declared the Vietnam war?

resident Eisenhower did not declare war in Vietnam. He sent military assistance and warned President Kennedy when he took office, to be aware of the domino theory (don't let Vietnam fall to the communists).