Gregor Mendel

What did Gregor Mendel discover?

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Mendel is responsible for proposing and partially proving the

basic tenants of genetic inheritance

First of all, its said gregor mendel, not medel. And he discovered

the secret of dominant and recessive genes. he used pea plants and

observed the color, which was yellow and green. Yellow was

dominant, so it is said YY, and green was recessive. so it was said

yy. No, he did not discover the punnet square, which most people

get mixed up about. He saw that even if you cross-breeded with all

yellow plants, it is possible to get a green plant. So, basically

he discovered genes are passed down and he discovered a


but most people ddnt believe him so he had to wait until the

1900's, when three other people tried similar experiments and got

similar results. This is why Gregor

mendel is called the father of genetics. "sorry if its kind of

long =)"

that traits are inherited independently

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