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What did Gregor Mendel find about the patterns he found with inherited features?


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he found out that it was a 3:1 ratio which is 0.3333333...... bye me

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Yes, he did this in his extensive study of pea plants.

Gregor Mendel was a student of pea plants, and observed how various characteristics were inherited.

Mendel discovered the patterns (laws) of dominance, segregation, and independent assortment.

Gregor Mendel was the first scientist to study inherited traits.

discovered traits are inherited as discrete factors

He had discovered inherited genes from two parental genes.

He was an Austrian monk who observed how traits are inherited. :):):)

He showed that inherited characteristics are discreet AND not blended.

Gregor Mendel is known as the father of modern genetics. He discovered how traits are inherited through genetics, famously using pea plants to formulate his ideas.

Gregor Mendel proposed the idea of separately inherited factors. His work showed that traits remained distinct in the offspring and could sometimes skip generations.

Gregor Mendel was a Roman Catholic Priest, a monk, botanist and a police who was fascinated with genetics and inherited traits.

Mendel worked with genetics, tracing dominant and recessive traits. He's famous for breeding peas and tracking which traits were inherited and visible, and which traits were inherited but not visible.Gregor mendel did experiments, such as cross polintation. which he used pea plants to do this with.Hope this Helped :) good luck

Gregor Mendel took two different colored pea plants: one had traits for white plants and the other had traits for a red plant. When Mendel cross bred the two plants, a plant with traits for a pink plant grew. This is how Mendel contributed to the understanding of inherited traits.

Gregor Mendel was one of the first scientists to use numbers to look for patterns in experimental data.Gregor Mendel was one of the first scientists to use number to look for patterns in experimental data.

He collected detailed information on inherited traits of pea plants.

B inherited through the passing of factors from parents to offspring

He discovered how traits are inherited through pea plants.

why was Gregor Mendel famous

gregor mendel does aotz

Gregor Mendel discovered that genes are sorted and inherited separately. It is called the law of independent assortment.

Gregor Mendel was a German monk.

Gregor mendel was the first to experiment reproduction and inherited genes on pea plants.

Gregor Mendel was remembered for his work in Genetics.

Gregor Mendel lived in central Europe

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