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What did Hitler think of others?


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Some historians suggest that Hitler was a sociopath, having little empathy for people and manipulating them to suit his needs.


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I think hhe wrote about how they were diffferent than the others

Hindenburg think about Hitler because hitler was growing with very fast rate in the germany

No, they do not think that Hitler is a hero.

He is remembered by the masses as a scary, dangerous man. Others think of him as a tyranical dictator. And others worship him. The latter is the minority, mind you, but it is still included.

I think that non-Jews were divided in what they thought of Hitler

Heil Hitler or Der Fuhrer among others

in the gas tank Hitler was not 'hands on', he got others to do the work

Hitler thought of Jews as vermin.

i think Hitler was not that much very important? If you think Hitler is important then tell me if he was ever recognized i will make a Question?

I think Hitler was dose he sleep at night [ well how DID he sleep at night]

Hitler started the war by invading the countries and declaring war on others.

Hitler was not a concentration camp commandant ... He left the dirty work to others.

because they were different then others and Hitler targeted most minorities

The Aryan race were considered by Hitler to be pure.

hitler had no children but i think he had sister that lived to 1960

I think he is a bad guy

By gassing them or torturing them.

No, there were others before him.

He didn't think that, his mother died from breast cancer and Hitler was aware of that.

Hitler targerted Jehovah's Witnesses, Jews, Gypsies, Poles, Russians, and those who were mentally or physically disabled.

He loved Hitler. He thought of him as a role model.

Yes. If you count Hitler as a leader that is. Many people saw him as a leader and since they were considered his "followers" he had power over the people, and the army too (I think). Basically Hitler used the power that was given to him for suffering of others. He caused others pain. I don't know much about Hitler so may go do some research on him.. Hope that helped.

some people didn't like how he was treating them,but on the other hand others thought what he was doing was good

Because when Hitler talked he always blamed others and made the people of Germany feel it was not their fault.

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