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By 1921 Russia had lost Finland, the Baltic republics, Russian Poland and Bessarabia. This was less than the Russian losses under the terms of Treaty of Brest-Litovsk (March 1918).

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Q: What did Russia gain or lose at the end of World War 1?
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Did France gain or lose territory in World War 2?

Neither lose nor gain.

How did Germany lose Russia as an ally during World War I how did this affect the German war plans?

Russia was not an ally of Germany in World War 1.

Did Romania gain or lose after World War 1?


Did Russia lose the greatest amount of land after World War 1?


Did the nationalists gain or lose power in World War 2?


Did romania gain or lose territory in world war 1?


How did Germany lose Russia as an ally during World War 1?

== == Russia and Germany were never allies during World War I. They were on opposite sides from the beginning.

What did russia want in world war 1?

There are various reasons why Russia went to World War 1. They wanted to gain control of the world as they felt threatened by the growing German power.

Did Italy gain or lose territory in World War 2?

Italy lost its territories in World War 2 as they lost the war.

What nations did Russia lose after World War 1 ended?

Poland and finland

Did Russia win or lose in world war 1?

They technically surrendered, after backing out before the war ended.

Did Russia gain territory from Germany in World War 1?

No - none at all. Russia was defeated by Germany in 1917-18.

Which nations did Russia lose after World War 1 ended?

Baltic Poland, Bessarabia

What are the disadvantages and advantages of neutral countries of war world 1?

you have nothing to lose or to gain

Did russia work to gain neutrality in World War 1?

No. Russia joined the war. However, the did try to get out of the fighting after three years due to the high casualities and lack of money for the Russia populace.

Did RUssia lose a war?

Two in its last twenty years of being the Russian Empire: The Ruso-Japanese War and World War I.

Which war did russia lose against japan in world war 1?

it was the russo japan war something like that but Im not sure

Why did Russia pull out of World War 1 and what did they lose?

World War I was extremely costly for Russia, and support was waning among the Russian people. When Russia withdrew from the conflict, it lost nearly all of the territory it had seized since the 1700s.

What land land did Russia lose after world war 1?

i think its serbia but im not sure.

How many people did Russia lose in world war 1?

1.7 million soldiers died.

What land did Germany gain as a result of world war 1?

It didn't gain any land. It did lose a lot of land, though.

What did Japanese lose-gain during the world war 2?

Japan won the battles, but lost the war (A-bomb).

Why did Russia lose in World War 1?

Russia backed out of the war before it ended because they were having their Revolution at that time. They had their own country to attend to, which was more important to them than fighting in the war.

How did Germany lose Russia as an ally in World War 1?

Germany and Russia were enemies during WWI. I wonder if you're thinking of WW2?

How many troops did Russia lose in World War 1?

1,700,000 killed and 4,950,000 injured.....World History book...