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Q: What did Truman tell reporters after he became president?
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Was Harry Truman a leader of the usa?

Even though I'm British - I can tell you that Harry S Truman was indeed a US President !

What did Prime Minister Winston Churchill tell President Truman about using the atomic bomb?

do it yor self

What are the laws that protect reporters from being punished if their don't tell who their sources are?

The first amendment to the constitution protects reporters.

What was the message giving to president Truman to tell him that the atomic bomb was a success?

He received reports and photographs of the effects of the Hiroshima bomb

How does the president use major newspapers and magazines to promote his policies?

this is quite an easy answer to tell you the truth... The president shares his news to the presidential staff and then this information is passed on to many news reporters that is passed on to the public

What is a good introduction for a report about Abraham Lincoln?

Tell them what subject you are doing and how he became president

Why was President Truman against sharing the secret of the atomic bomb with the world?

You don't tell the world about your big weapon and you don't tell them how to make one either. Would you want them to use it on you?

What does ponyboy tell the reporters at the hospital when they ask what he wants to do?

"Take a bath."

What are the laws that protect reporters from being punished if they don't tell who their source are?

shield laws

What are the laws that protect reporters from being punished if they don't tell who their sources are?

Shield laws

What did Babe Ruth tell reporters after he hit home runs?

i coutd of hit more

What was Dwight Eisenhower goals as president?

hes mom had children so he wanted a child so he became president and had children....wait what was the question......? And who the heck is dwight eisenhower and can you tell me the goals he has as president?

Can you give me a sentence with the word independent?

As an independent thinker, I do not care to have reporters tell me what the news story means; just tell me the story.

What was the give 'em hell Harry speech?

President Harry Truman gave a speech attacking the Republicans. During the speech a supporter yelled "Give 'em Hell, Harry!". Truman replied, "I don't give them Hell. I just tell the truth about them and they think it's Hell."

How weather reporters find tornadoes?

people call in and tell them or a radar picks up the approaching tornado

Did truman tell stalin about the atomic bomb at the Yalta conference?


What artificial role do satellites play in predicting weather?

i think they help the wheather reporters tell us what it is like

What are the laws protect reporters from being punished if they don't tell who their sources are?

This type of legislation is referred to as a shield law.

When did Truman tell Stalin about the atomic bomb?

Potsdam conference but just briefly

What did Truman fail to tell Stalin about at the Potsdam Conference?

The atomic bomb test

What war did Harry Truman tell Douglas MacArthur you're out of here?


When did Harry Truman tell the Soviets that if they did not stop expanding they were going to nuke them?


List 3 duties of the president?

I want to tell you that what are 3 duties of the president tell me the answer

Was he married when he became president?

It is difficult to answer this question, since you do not tell us which president you are asking about. Most of the presidents of the United States were married (or had been married but were widowers). Only one never married-- James Buchanan.

Objective reporting is based on the idea that the reporter's job is to?

A reporter's job is to tell the truth and tell the story only. This is what objective reporting is. Often, reporters stretch the truth simply to get a story.