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What did christopher Columbus name the new land in 1492?


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October 12, 1492

We have spotted land! I have named it San Salvador. I believe that Japan is only a short distance to the west. [Editor's note: Columbus landed in the Bahamas south of Florida. He believed that he was on islands off the coast of Japan.]

There are strange looking people here, very different from my men and me. They wear little clothing and are of a different color. Our giant ships with enormous white sails amaze them. These Indians are not what I expected, and there are no cities of gold like Marco Polo described. [Editor's note: Columbus had actually met members of the Taino tribe, but he believed he was in the Indies. This is why he called them Indians.]

I spotted several of them wearing GOLD! They tell me that islands to the north and south are where the gold will be found, so I ordered my men to set sail for the gold!


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Christopher Columbus remember this:In 1492, Columbussailed the ocean blue.

When Christopher Columbus got here in 1492, he thought it was India.

The Vikings were the first Europeans to land in the New World, centuries before Columbus. However, the recognized discovery of the New World is in 1492 by Christopher Columbus, an Italian who sailed in name of Spain.

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The "Santa Maria de la Immaculada Concepcion" was the name of the flagship that Christopher Columbus sailed on his first voyage across the Atlantic Ocean in 1492.

His full name is Christopher Columbus.

Christopher Columbus was born in Italy in 1451. Christopher Columbus was not given a middle name by his parents.

Christopher Columbus thought that he had reached India when he got to San Salvador and the West Indies (hence the name). He thought that the world was pear shaped instead of flat so he went off to prove his theory.

Christopher Columbus name in spanish is Cristobal Colon

Christopher Columbus' name said in his country is Christophoro Columbo.

The West Indian islands were first colonised by people from America, probably in the early 800s. The first Europeans to land in the West Indies - and to name them - were captained by Christopher Columbus on October 12, 1492.

Columbus signed his name Xpo-Ferens. The first part being Greek and the second, Latin.

christopher Columbus named an island san salvador.

Christopher Columbus's full name was Christopher Columbus. He was born in the Republic of Genoa which is now known as Italy.

Christopher Columbus was planning to land in West India. He did not land in West India because he landed in what is now North America. He thought that he was in West India at first so that is why he called them Indians. Their real name is Native Americans.

Christopher Columbus was Italian, however, he sailed in the name of Spain.

Christopher Columbus was born in Genoa in 1451 and there is no historical evidence of his full name.

Christopher Columbus' real name is Christoforo Columbo

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Diego Colon was the first son of Christopher Columbus.

Christopher Columbus, whose real name was Cristobal Colon, was a Caucasian from Italy.

Filipa Moniz was Christopher Columbus wife name.

Chris Columbus's birth name is Columbus, Christopher.

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