What did christopher Columbus name the new land in 1492?

October 12, 1492
We have spotted land! I have named it San Salvador. I believe that Japan is only a short distance to the west. [Editor's note: Columbus landed in the Bahamas south of Florida. He believed that he was on islands off the coast of Japan.]
There are strange looking people here, very different from my men and me. They wear little clothing and are of a different color. Our giant ships with enormous white sails amaze them. These Indians are not what I expected, and there are no cities of gold like Marco Polo described. [Editor's note: Columbus had actually met members of the Taino tribe, but he believed he was in the Indies. This is why he called them Indians.]
I spotted several of them wearing GOLD! They tell me that islands to the north and south are where the gold will be found, so I ordered my men to set sail for the gold!