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What did germany want in world war 2?


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December 07, 2012 5:56PM

Politically and publicly speaking in 1939, the fuhrer Adolf Hitler mobilized Germany into WW2 in the name of "Mehr lebensraum für Deutschen" (basically more land for Germans). Also, Germany wanted some recompension for having to pay all of the damage caused by World War I after the Treaty of Versailles.

However, the real goal of Nazi Germany in WW2 was:

1: Expand German territory to all of Europe (the reason being that Germans are superior to everyone else & that "fellow" Deutschen people in nations like Austria should unite under the German flag)

2: Eradicate all people of Jewish faith within Germany and its occupied territories

3: Eventually conquer the world (with Russia as the 1st target)

4: Begin anhilation of other races (specifically Russians, Africans, & perhaps Asians)

5: Teach all children classified as "Aryans" (Blonde hair, pale skin, blue eyes) about the German superiority

6: Create a new line of super Aryan children that are superior to any other race