What did john Wilkes booth do during civil war?

John Wilkes Booth was a colonel in the Confederate secret service. He maintained his status as an actor to create a cover for his actions. He served under General Stonewall Jackson. Booth is credited with the confiscation of needed medical supplies from the North and successfully delivering wagon loads of foodstuffs and clothing into the hands of the South. He also supplied secret information from the North to General Jackson. It was Booth that found Jefferson Davis' badly injured son (Finis) on the battle field and saw to it that he received medical attention. After General Jackson was murdered, it was Booth that solved the crime and took the assailant's life.

On May 2, 1863, Booth was given a $100,000 and the assignment to kill or capture Lincoln. Booth thought that after killing Lincoln, he would be treated as a hero. But, he wasn't. If and when the truth comes out about Lincoln, he may yet get his wish.