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What did people do during the blitz?

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tried to save their own lives. they had to go to work as normal during the day as the air raids were on a night time. the women who didnt work needed some sort of entertainment so they knitted at home and sung.

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32,000 people died during the blitz

The people of Norwich at the time of the Blitz were not greatly affected, but 340 people from Norwich were killed in the Blitz.

during the blitz around 32,000 were killed sadly but 87,000 people were dangerously injured

food and clothes were rationed during the blitz because people were selfishly using them as dildos.

London was heavily bombed during the blitz.

Over 2,000,000 people thats loads of people

Around 18,000 people from London died during the Blitz. Overall, 46,000 People died.

Approximately 900 people died as a result of the bombing and 1,500 were injured. This was the greatest loss of life in a night raid during the Blitz, outside of London.

Way more than that died during the Blitz, it's to be estimated that between 40,000 - 43,000 civilians were killed and over 50,000+ injured in the Blitz.

they didn't many people died because of fright

they took shelter in a small cave

they hid under tables and whet outside to the bunker

Lots">Lotsover 40,000!During the Blitz in London, roughly 40,000 civilians died and many many more were injured.

There is no documented amount of people who survived the Blitzkrieg in London. However, over 43,000 civilians were killed in London and just outside of London during the blitz attacks.

were the bombing attacks of the blitz done during the day or night

the blitz was from septembre 1940 till may 1941

5000001 killed and 876452 seriously injured

air raid shelters such as underground subway stations...................

The blitz in WW2 were very strong and could kill loads of people. When the blitz were going on people used to hide in the shelter.

what type of bombs were dropped in the Blitz by the Germans

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