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if you were high up you would wear a silk dress for a girl or a suit for boys for children close to being the same but if you were a peasant very low down you would wear rags and nothing else....

hoped it helped =)

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What did people wear to church in the middle ages?

the girls wear dress

What did Chinese people wear in the middle ages?

The Chinese people who were wealthy in the Middle Ages wore robes made of silk. The poor wore clothes that they made out of hemp.

What did a prince wear in the middle ages?

they wear bras

What did people wear in the Middle ages in England?

ragged clothes. They put on what they wore and what they made.

How did people keep clean in the middle ages?

People in the middle ages didn't bathe often so they were not usually clean. So instead women would spray on perfumes and wear flowers.

What did knights in the Middle Ages wear?

I really don't know that's why i asked you so if you can please tell me what the knights of middle ages wear

What do lords in middle age lords wear?

They wear a type of clothing called garb. It is the clothing wore back in the middle ages, and when people couldn't afford to wear nicer clothing.

What did the keeper of wardrobe wear in middle ages?

they were in charge of the clothiers(people who made clothes) and the laundress(people who did the laundry).

What kind of makeup did the middle ages people wear?

powder for their nose and red lip-stick.

What did men wear in the middle ages?


What do monks of the middle ages wear?


What did lord in middle ages wear?


What did guys wear in the middle ages?

they where robes

What did townspeople wear in the Middle Ages?


What did the monarchs wear in middle ages?


What did woman wear in the Middle Ages?

in the middle ages woman were like a type of cloth and foot wear they were like pointy shoes not like the men were

What did the falconers wear in the Middle Ages?

Falconers wear black and brown.

What did monks wear as shoes?

Monks wear saddles in the middle ages.

Did rich people work in the middle ages?

People that were rich during the Middle Ages did not work. People in the Middle Ages that were rich got their money by taxing other people.

What did queens wear in the Middle Ages?

In the middle ages, queens wore long dresses, sometimes fur and a crown.

What do all the lords wear in the middle ages?


What did Chief Cooks wear in the Middle Ages?

Nothing, ;)

What did the princess wear in the middle ages?

Clothes Duhhh

What did the popes wear in the middle ages?

they wore robes

What did prisoners wear in the middle ages?

What they had on when they were arrested or taken.

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