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Why was President Truman against declaring war on China during the Korean War


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The Korean War began while Truman was the president.

Harry Truman was the president when the war began in Korea.

Truman was in office for the begginning of the Cold War. Truman was President for the ending of World War 2. Truman was President for the Korean War.

Truman was Commander in Chief during the Korean War.

No- the war was still going on when Truman left office.

Part of WW II and most of the Korean War occurred under Truman. Truman became president toward the end of W W II. The Korean War began when Truman was president and lasted until after he left office.

Truman was president during most of it. Eisenhower ended it soon after he became President.

Harry S. Truman was the US President duirng this conflict.

Harry Truman was US president for most of the Korean War; he was succeeded by Dwight Eisenhower a few months before the war ended in 1953.

Harry Truman was the President when the Korean War began, The began as a police action by the newly formed United Nation.

General MacArthur did not approve the way President Truman was running the Korean war.

President Truman ordered American troops moved from Japan to South Korea.

president truman ordered american troops moved from japan to south korea.

President Truman helped to create the nation of Israel.

President Truman saw that N Korean was working the will of Communist China (and indirectly, Soviet Russia) to spread Communism throughout the Far East, Japan included.

He responded by pursuing the creation of an international coalition to help secure the freedom and independence of the South Korean people from North Korean aggression.

The US President and Commander in Chief .

Harry S. Truman was the first Cold War president. The Korean Conflict (which hasn't ended and was never a declared war) was fought, while President Truman was in office.

No, the Korean War didn't end while Harry Truman was president. President Dwight D. Eisenhower was in office at the time of the armistice signing on 27 July 1953

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