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What did slaves learn?

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What language were slaves forced to learn?

Assuming that the slaves were owned by American masters, they were forced to learn English.

Where did slaves learn to cook?

in the kitchen

Why did slaves not learn how to read or write?

They were afraid slaves were going to communicate with eachother

Why did slave owners not want their slaves to learn?

Because if they did learn, they learn how to rebel. then the might rebel and escape.

Could slaves learn to read and write?


What families do you learn about in 12 years a slave?

We learn about families that are brutal and do inhumane behaviors on their slaves.

How did Roman slaves learn to write?

Most Roman slaves never learned to read or write, those that did were either taught by another educated slave, or their master sent them to a Gramaticus (school) to learn. Also some slaves were teachers.

Why was it usually forbidden to educate slaves?

Because if the slaves learn they will get smart and be able to figure out how to read sighs; to escape.

How did some slaves learn how to read?

they were taught to read the bible

What couldn't slaves do?

Learn to read, get married, own a property and escape

Were slaves allowed to read and write?

No they were not. The slaveholders were scared that once their slaves would learn how to read and write, they would write letters to other slaves with ideas of how to escape the the plantation

What elementary did Harriet Tubman go to?

She didn't go to school. She was a slaves and slaves weren't allowed, by law, to learn to read or write.

Were the slaves in the slave trade educated?

Some were educated but not all; some slave owners let their slaves learn how to read and write.

Of Mice and Men what do you learn about crooks family?

his family did not treat him well and they where slaves

Why did the freed black slaves need education?

so they can learn to read and write

When did Brazil learn the samba dance?

African Slaves Influence in 19 Century

Who taught Frederick that slaves weren't supposed to learn how to read?

Mr. Auld taught Fredrick Douglas that slaves weren't suppose to learn how to read. In Mr.Auld's view if a slave learned to read and write they would not be fit to be a slave.

Why did white southerners not want slaves to learn to read?

So when they told them to sign some paper, they wouldn't know. They told them a lie and the slaves believed them.

What rights were slaves denied?

learning how to write, read. those are two they couldn't learn how to do.

What are some topics people learn in US history?

Americans, Slaves, Africans and (or) Our Presedants

Why freed slaves needed education from the freedman's bureau?

The reason is because they want to learn

What does molasses to the slaves mean?

The trade route of rum slaves, sugar and molasses was called triangular trade because it was the name of the merchants who exchanged them during this era. Learn the harsh treatments experienced by the slaves by visiting.

A slave is forbidden to learn?

It depends on what time period and location you mean. Some were encouraged to do so.A slave was allowed to learn as much as his master needed him to know.Giving slaves too much education was discouraged, as uneducated slaves were easier to control.

How did slave owners keep slaves illiterate?

not allowing them to attend school to learn how to read and write

What did slaves do to cope with the hardships of slavery?

They were whipped and beaten, so they could learn to love there lives!

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