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The Great Depression

What did some Americans question during the Great Depression?


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What did some americans question during the great depression?


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many African Americans were discriminated in Alabama during the great depression many African Americans were discriminated in Alabama during the great depression

There are many Americans who were alive during the depression.

the homeless rate during the great depression was nearly 25 percent of Americans.

Conditions during the great depression was terrible people lost there jobs and the things they owned.

During the height of the great depression there were 11,385,000 people who were unemployed. This was almost 25% of the entire work force population.

Many Mexican-Americans were deportedto Mexico due to the discrimination

The Great Depression affected all the Americans.

Move to another state in search of work...

Yes, there were bicycles during the great depression.

There was a Msrjet Crash during the great depression.

Migration rose during the Great Depression.

They lost money, jobs, and became in debt.

The game of Monopoly likely appealed to Americans during the Great Depression because you could act like a business tycoon in a fantasy.

The others could tease Americans and make Americans scared lol

Everybody during the great depression.

Many thought Mexican Americans were taking jobs and welfare money from white Americans.

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