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The answer below is historically incorrect and misleading about the real intentions of the German Nazi Party. Hitler & the Nazis lead Germany to start the Second World War in Europe which lead to the Nazi murder of tens of millions of people, and the deaths of many millions more in the conflict. The answer below sounds similar to the explanation given by Hitler. The 1919 Versailles Treaty was not overly strict compared to other terms of armistice or surrender, especially when you consider the malice & massive death that the Germans brought to France & Belgium in 1914. The terms imposed on Russia in 1917 were much more severe than those terms imposed on Germany in 1919. It was also the Germans that unleashed & supported the Communist Revolution on Russia starting in 1917 that eventually led to the death of millions over the next two decades. If Germany had won the First World War it had planned to impose extreme terms on France. An astonishing situation when you consider the fact that Germany had in fact started the war against France, Britain & Belgium in 1914 and then created the aggression that forced the United States into the war in 1917. Prior to Hitler, Germany never owned Austria or parts of Czechoslovakia. Yes, Poland was created out of the eastern provinces of the Imperial Germany and a western portion of Russia so that the ethnic Poles had a homeland. I recommend that you read A World at Arms by Gerhard L. Weinberg.

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NSDAP (Nazi is not a terminology) Germany is wrongly known for its aggressive foreign policy.

Although , there is no true evidence that the German Empire was wrong during WW1 , after the war the Germans were made to pay increadable reperations , and their country was split , dispite the most important slogan of the racially homogeneous nations , the Allies raised , which was the motto of the Allies during WW1 announced to their citizens.

When Germany refused to pay the French , the French army and Belgium army invaded Germany to take control of the factories and mines of Germany.Atleast 130,000 Germans were removed from the state of Ruhl , with their property confiscated.The minimum estimated death of citizens caused by this is 30,000.

This is when Hitler and the NSDAP first stood up and took action of the Beer Hall Putsch.

Dispite the increadable reperations , the main reason the Germans wanted to start a war was that Germans just wanted to regain the traditional German terriorty with Germans living. That is why they united them selves with Austria democratically.

When the Germans in Sudetenland of Czechoslovakia claimed that they wanted to be free to meet thier families again , even the British and French govermnet agreed to help NSDAP negotiate with Czechoslovakia to give back German territory disputed.

Because the Germans wanted to regain their sovereignty of the nation the NSDAP took a partition treaty about Poland from Soviet containing agreements to attack Poland before the Soviet did , in exchange to regain territory , making Soviet can invade Poland , which led capitalist Franch and British turn against them.Theres also another reason that that could of made Germany attack Poland , which because Poland had a secret plan to invade together with France.

It is a important fact that before the German-Soviet Nonaggression Pact , the French and British upper-class were affinity to the NSDAP , beliving they will fight against Soviet , to contribute defeting Soviet.

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Q: What did the Nazis do?
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