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What did the US purchase from France in 1803?

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The Louisiana Territory.

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The final transfer from the Louisiana purchase from Spain to France were Nov 30, 1803, and from France to the US on Dec 20, 1803

In 1803 as a part of the Lousiana Purchase from France.

Napoleon sold the colony of Louisiana to the US in 1803.

The US bought the Louisiana purchase from France in 1803.

The French never puchased Louisiana. But France did SELL it to the US in 1803.

The Louisiana purchase, from France 30th April 1803

In 1803, Thomas Jefferson oversaw the Louisiana Purchase. It doubled the size of the US at that time. It was purchased from France.

The US concluded the Louisiana Purchase from France in 1803.

Louisiana was purchased by the US from France in 1803, not won.

The Louisiana Purchase Treaty was signed by Napoleon on April 30, 1803. It reached Washington DC and became official on July 4, 1803.

The Louisiania Purchase was made in 1803, the U.S. paid France 15 million dollars.

In 1803 President Jefferson bought the Louisiana Purchase from France.

Louisiana PurchaseThe Louisiana Territory was purchased from France in 1803.

Nebraska was contained in the lands purchased in 1803 from France called the Louisiana Purchase.

Yes, the US bought the Louisiana territory from France in what is known as the Louisiana Purchase. This occurred in 1803.

Thomas Jefferson oversaw the Louisiana Purchase in 1803 in which the US paid $15 million to France for the Louisiana Territory. The purchase required that Senate to ratify a treaty to make the purchase and Congress had to appropriate the money.

France. North Dakota was part of the Louisiana Purchase that the US bought from Emperor Napoleon I in 1803.

The United States bought the Louisiana Purchase from France in 1803. For a list of the states in the Louisiana purchase, see the related question below.

He arranged the purchase of the Louisiana Territory from France in 1803.

This purchase was made in 1803 when Napoleon ruled France. The French did not have a king at this time.

In 1803, Napoléon sold a large territory in an agreement called the Louisiana Purchase.

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