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What did the US want to happen in Germany at the end of World War 2?

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February 17, 2005 11:33AM

What occured after WWI was that the German people felt that the

loss of the war was the result of politicians and high level

military personnel, along with the Jews, back stabbing the people

by attempting to come to a surrender agreement before the military

lost the war. Also, the Treaty of Versailles imposed harsh

restrictions and reprerations on Germany and it's military.

Government became non-functioning because of it's incredible

fragmentation of political parties. Economic inflation reached a

point where money was essentialy useless, and housewives would use

it to literally start fires. No assistance of any kind was given to

help rebuild or repair their economic, political and social

infrastructure. It was very unstable and volitile. After WWII, it

was critical to show the people that their military was completely

defeated and no win was possible. Secondly, harsh penalties were

avoided to keep the German people from resorting to extremist

political groups for direction. Germany was thus spilt into 4

states controlled by the US, UK, France and USSR. The goal of the

US, in short, was to create a new political system and gradually

allow Germany a military. Also, to assist in the rebuiling of their

economic infrastructure and to help rebuild their country after 6

years of a very destructive war, so that one day Germany would be a

self-governing and stable state.

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