What did the blitz do?

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Blitz (blitzkrieg-ger.) is the German contribution in the World War history. One of the purpose of the blitz is to overwhelm the enemies with minimum victims of both sides and to gain a fast victory. It works. France had been conquered in a couple of weeks after the German army invaded in it with minimum victims of course. The heavy and frequent bombing attacks on London and other cities. Night after night, from September 1940 until May 1941, German bombers attacked British cities, ports and industrial areas. London was bombed every day and night for 11 weeks. One third of London was destroyed. The word ''Blitz'' is a shorten form of the German word ''Blitzkrieg'' which means ''Lightning War''. Initially the bombing was done by aircraft, but later these were replaced by "Buzzbombs". Buzzbombs, the V1, were rockets that were loaded with explosive and ran out of fuel over London. Later still came the V2, like modern missiles, but luckily the war ended before they could do too much damage. The population had to disappear underground whenever the warning sirens were heard and stay ther until the "All clear". Many Londoners used the underground railway stations. The objective of the Blitz was to break civilian morale but it failed and the British, with American help, retaliated by flattening Hamburg and Berlin. the blitz is bombs and it happened in the war

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Q: What did the blitz do?
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