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the Italian red brigades wanted to undermine the Italian state and pave the way for a marxist state.

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Q: What did the red brigades want?
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Where have the Red Brigades been formed?

The Red Brigades or Brigatte Rossi at Italian have been formed and acted in Italy.

Which country did Red Brigades operate in the 70s?


Who killed aldo moro?

Red Brigades controlled by NATO intelligence.

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Who was the Italian prime minister murdered by red guards 1978?

This was Aldo Moro.On 16 March 1978, Moro was kidnapped by militant members of the Red Brigades, a left-wing terrorist group formed in 1970 with the purpose of overthrowing capitalist Italy through violence. He was kidnapped at gunpoint from a car whilst being driven to a session of the house of representatives, and his five bodyguards were killed.The Red Brigades eanted to exchange Moro's life for the freedom of 13 Red imprisoned Red Brigades terrorists. The government refused, not willing to be blackmailed in this way.Moro was executed at gunpoint around 9 May 1978, and his body found in the boot of a car in Via Caetani in central Rome.Most of the significant Red Brigades leaders were captured and imprisoned by the mid-1980s.

When was Fire Brigades Union created?

Fire Brigades Union was created in 1918.

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What has the author Vincenzo Morelli written?

Vincenzo Morelli has written: 'Anni di piombo' -- subject(s): History, Terrorism, Red Brigades

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Les Brigades du Tigre was created on 2006-04-12.

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The Loyalist.

Who did the International Brigades fight for?


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What US Army general was taken hostage in Germany in the 1980's?

Brigadier General James Dozier was kidnapped by the Italian Red Brigades in December 1981.

What has the author Richard Collin written?

Richard Collin has written: 'Winter of fire' -- subject(s): Radicalism, Red Brigades, Kidnapping, 1981-1982, History 'Imbroglio'

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What has the author Silvio Bonfigli written?

Silvio Bonfigli has written: 'Il delitto infinito' -- subject(s): Assassination, Kidnapping, 1978, Politics and government, Red Brigades, Terrorism

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What has the author Vittorio Cervone written?

Vittorio Cervone has written: 'Ho fatto di tutto per salvare Moro' -- subject(s): Kidnapping, 1978, Politics and government, Red Brigades, Terrorism