What did the soldiers do for fun in the civil war?

They played an early form of baseball--they called it rounders or town ball. They played it with planks of wood or sticks, and a ball of twine--or anything that slightly resembles a ball that they could use.

They also did a lot of gambling--they would play cards before they went to battle--but before they went they hid the cards so that if they died and if one of their family members were to go through their stuff they wouldn't find the cards. (They didn't want their families to know that they gambled because they didn't want their family to think less of them).

They also had some very interesting games they just made up
CSA soldiers found 2 lice, and put them on a plate, and take bets on which one would jump off first.

Also they did cockfighting- they found chickens in someone's yard- and just took them and made them fight the other chicken. The last chicken standing was the winner and they did a lot of betting on these chickens.