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What did they play in the middle colonies?

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they play marbles and guessing games

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What types of games did they play in the middle colonies?

the played!

What games did the middle colonies play?

marbles and stuff like that

What is the slogan for the middle colonies?

It will be like in the middle of an interesting col (in colonies) (call) in the middle colonies.

What role did middle colonies play in religion?

It played an important role. It gave them a religious freedom. One of the middle colonies was made just for religious freedom.

Are the middle colonies proprietary colonies?

Yes, the middle colonies are proprietary colonies.

Why were the middle colonies called the middle colonies?

Because it was in the middle of all the other colonies.

Were the middle colonies royal colonies?

Yes - All of the middle colonies were royal colonies.

Which region was called the breadbasket colonies?

The Middle Colonies.

What did families in the middle colonies do in their free time?

sew, weave, and play games

What were the middle colonies know for?

The middle colonies were known for being in the middle

Nicknames for the middle colonies?

nickname of the middle colonies

What were diseases in the middle colonies?

The middle colonies had diseases

Is Jamestown in the middle colonies?

Yes, it is in the middle colonies.

Is Philadelphia in the middle colonies?

is Philedelphia in the middle colonies

Are the thirteen colonies the same as the middle colonies?

No,the Middle colonies are only a part!!!!!!!!!

What was the main seaport of the middle colonies?

the main harbor and seaport of the middle colonies is all the places in the middle colonies.

Why were the middle colonies called the white colonies?

the middle colonies were called the white colonies because they were white

Why is the middle colonies called the breadbasket of the colonies?

The grew grains (such a wheat) in the middle colonies

Who settled the middle colonies-?

New England settled the middle colonies. This was a English colonies.

What role did the rivers play in the middle colonies?

Water the crops during Drought times

What religion did the middle colonies have?

The middle colonies believed in Quakerism.

Who immigrated into the middle colonies?

The Dutch immigrated to the Middle Colonies.

What is the Middle Colonies?

The middle colonies is the New York, Pennsylvania,

What were the conflicts and problems in the Middle Colonies?

conflicts for the middle colonies

What was the landscape of the Middle Colonies?


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