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Stuff covered in lemon juice. They just pour it on straight from the bottle. I've seen it.

They also eat ketchup chips and maple walnut ice cream.


I was born and raised in Canada and I don't pour lemon juice on everything I eat. About lemon juice I think we are not different than any other country!!

But these are foods we eat/drink A LOT in Canada:

  • - Mac and cheese (Kraft Dinner)
  • - Beer
  • - Maple syrup
  • - Donuts and Donuts holes
  • - Yogurt
  • - Bacon (But not "Canadian" bacon though)
  • - Pea soup
  • - Kraft "Single" cheese
  • - Beagles
  • - Hellmann's Mayonnaise
  • - Heinz Ketchup
  • - Kraft Peanut butter
  • - Breakfast cereals (Honey nut Cheerios, Harvest crunch)
  • - Chocolate Chips/chunk cookies (President's choice or Chips Ahoy!)
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Q: What do Canadians eat more than any other country?
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What do Canadians eat more of than anyone?

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