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What do Siamese fighting fish do before they mate?

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For the most part they are more active, they move around more, and they build a bubble nest.Also the fighting fish circle around each other and the male will show some of his dance moves off and act cool.

Fighting fish will circle around each other and one of them (male) will show off his mating call or dance. As well the female fish will do a famous Chinese fighting fsh ritual dance.

*i have seen them do this*

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Can female fighting fish mate with another fighting fish?

Of course they can. How else would we have fighting fish.

What if you put two Siamese fighting fish in a fish bowl?

Your not suppose to mix them or they will fight and one will end up killing the other unless its time for them to mate. You can also get a divider to put in between the fish so they can do no harm

Can goldfish mate with fighting fish?


How do Siamese cats mate?

The same way all cats mate.

Do Siamese fighting fish regenerate?

yes they have to cus if they didnt then there woulnt be any. i just wonder how they do it No, they do not regenerate. They breed. Males are typically the only ones sold in pet stores and they do have aggressive tendencies...but not towards the female they're trying to mate with.

Do fighting fish mate all year?

They can mate at any time of the year but only when conditions are exactly right for them to do so.

Why is your Siamese fighting fish blowing bubbles on the surface?

This means he is ready to mate and if you have a female you should breed them if you want to but if you don't have one and don't want to breed them you don't have to go out and buy just because you think that the bubble nest means he needs one it doesn't if you do want to mate them wait till it get bigger then put the female in for max 24 hours

Why your fighting fish keep blowing bubbles?

When he blow bubbles that mean he is ready to mate so you have to buy 3 female and he will kill two and mate with one

Do the angler fish eat there mate before they die?

yes they doyes they do

Do fish mate?

yes all fish mate

How does a komodo dragon mate?

They mate by fighting.

Why is the female fighting fish attacking the male?

First of all, male and female fighting fish (bettas) shouldn't be kept together. They are both territorial and agressive. They may be fighting over territory. It may also be that the male is ready to mate and the female isn't.

How do you mate a reed-fish?

u put a lot of fish in the tank and then they mate

Which animal could a Siamese cat mate with to produce offspring?

another cat

How often does a Siamese fighting fish mate?

Fish rearing has long been one of people's favorite hobbies, a perennial form of home entertainment. Siamese Fighting Fish, or Betta splendens, of the Labyrinth fish family, are a favorite in aquariums around the world, with their profuse colors and distinctive features. The Siamese Fighting Fish originated in Thailand and spread to other countries in the region, such as Malaysia and Indonesia. In Thailand, the fish has been raised in households since the Sukhothai Period, more than 700 years ago. Records from the reign of King Lithai of Sukhothai allude to fighting fish being reared for sport. At present, fighting fish are raised as a hobby. They are placed in bottles, each in its own. Pieces of cardboard are placed between the bottles to keep the fish from seeing one another and going into "combat mode." The name "fighting fish" comes from the fish's social behavior. Males will fight each other to the death. And when a male wants to mate, it chases the female around until it submits to mating. The male builds a bubble nest, taking up air in its mouth, coating it with saliva and spitting out bubbles, which stick together on the surface of the water. Careful pairing has to be done beforehand, so that spawning is accelerated, and to create familiarity, as a male can bite a female to death. The male has long colorful fins, while the females have shorter fins and are not as colorful. They vary in size and shape. The short-fin fish are categorized by color and color combinations, such as the solid color, the bi-color, and the multi-color combinations, such as the solid color, the bi-color, and the multi-color. The long-fin fish are categorized by the shape of the tail, such as delta, paddle, and half-full tail. Siamese Fighting Fish thrive in shallow water, canals, and flooded rice fields with a temperature of up to 86 degree Fahrenheit, or 30 degree Celsius. They eat fresh food such as daphnia, brine shrimp, microworms, bloodworms, and mosquito larva. They can also eat frozen dry food. Thai breeders of fighting fish are constantly developing new species, from the tiny wild betta to the cultured ones with long, flowing fins and brilliant colors, fetching better and better prices, from 10 baht to as high as 10,000 baht a piece. Siamese Fighting Fish are immensely popular even in Singapore, adding to the pride of the Thai Breeders.

How do you mate fish?

To mate fish, you should see how the fish you want to mate, mate. Then you should put them in the same tank and watch them. I'm not an expert so search the web for a more through answer.

Can female fighting fish mate with another female fighting fish?

2 female Bettas can not produce young. I guess it is possible that two females could go through the mating processes but I have never known it to happen with Anabantids of any species.

Is it possible for a gourami to mate with a platy and get pregnant?

no. fish can only mate with fish of the same species. Gouramis mate with gouramis and platys mate with platys.

When is a fish ready to mate?

A female fish is ready to mate when there is a white opening near her vent. Betta fish even have stripes on their stomachs to indicate that they are ready to mate.

Where do fish come from eg when a new lake is formed by a glacier so there were no fish there before?

well streams , creeks or rivers can carry them to thelake or people can bring fish and then the fish mate then there is more fish

Do angelfish blend in with other fish?

Do you mean will they mate with other fish or get along with other fish? They will not mate with other fish, but they will get along without tetras.

When do fish mate?

there are many different types of fish. and they all mate differently. most fish mate in the spring. but for this to happen all conditions that the fish need must be met. also in order fot the baby fish to live you need to do certain things, these are different for each kind of fish Answer==In India fish mate in the rainy season ==== If you are talking about fish in an aquarium, whether tropical or salt water fish, not all kinds of fish that you buy will mate in a tank. Some do, guppies and mollies are good fish to mate. Please be advised that you must be able to separate the pregnant fish before she gives birth. I use a guppy tank or a breeder tank. After she gives birth watch because most fish will eat their young and the mother will have to be separated from the young. Tropical fish are either live bearers like a guppy or a black molly or lay eggs like tetras and barbs. It is more difficult to find salt water fish that mate in a home tank.

Can a cat have kittens from two mates at the same time?

Yes for example a white cat mate with a Siamese and a tortiseshell .In the litter there might be a white kitten, Siamese kitten, and tortiseshell kitten.

What time of the year do starfish mate?

Star fish do not mate .

How does a flying fish mate?

Fish can't fly