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Flame TattoosSee this link - should help.


Flames symbolize different things to different people.I have found that if you give each tattoo serious thought and research,you will be much happier with the end result.For me personally,flames indicate purifying or cleansing effect.It may mean something totally different to someone else. Just like the answers on here,it is all in the individuals interpretation.

there are both positive and negative points of views on what flame tattoo means. I will list the positive ones. It means the light of love, the light of a memory, the light of rememberance, religious meanings as well. the light of the holy ghost, the spirit, the light or heat of the lords presence, or gods light, etc., ok the negative part is which I don't like is it belongs to Satan, flames are evil, it represent hell. Many would agree with me that it is not about that whatsoever. but that's ones opinions. I myself have flamed tattoos. the reasons, i love the artistic look it gives. the beauty the real meanings for them are actually the positives ones like i said above. I can go on and on about it but this is good. you may contact me for more if you wish.

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Q: What do flame tattoos symbolize?
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