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My 97 Voyager has done the same thing. It was control panel programing, the following instructions is how to program your control panel: 1) SET BLOWER ON HIGH 2) SET MODE TO PANEL 3) SET TEMP TO COLD 4) PRESS WASH AND REAR WIPER TOGATHER AND HOLD FOR 5 SEC. IT WILL GO THROUGH A SERIES OF FLASHING, WHEN DONE THE REAR WIPER SHOULD BE THE ONLY ONE FLASHING PRESS REAR WIPER TO EXIT. DO THIS WITH VAN RUNNING. This worked for my 1997 Voyager. I hope it works for yours.

I followed instructions and it worked( 98 VOYAGER ) BUT I MIGHT ADD THIS; you must wait 30-60 seconds for all the lights except the rear wiper light to go out before you hit the rear wiper button.

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What does a bell sound and flashing interior lights mean on a 1996 Plymouth Voyager?

See this link: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_do_flashing_lights_on_the_rear_window_wiper_and_ac_buttons_mean_on_a_%2798_Plymouth_Voyager_van It has something to do with a HVAC system check and reset.

What do flashing lights on the rear window wiper a nd ac buttons mean on a '98 Plymouth Voyager van?

It means there is a fault in the air control unit, the whole section around and under the radio where it controls the blower motor/ac/heater. It could also mean the system needs recalibrated.

When you change a battery on 1998 Plymouth Voyager how do you stop the AC and Recycle buttons from flashing?

The flashing lights are prompting you to do a calibration/cooldown test. I hope I get this right from memory. First you need to let the car run until it is at normal temperature. Then press and hold the rear wiper and washer buttons at the same time for about 5 secs (all the lights will then illuminate). After that test is done do the same thing by pressing and holding the a/c and recirc buttons for about 5 secs. As long as you dont have any problems when each test is complete you should get alternately flashing lights on the two buttons you pushed to start the test. Once you are complete just turn the key off and back on to reset everything. If my memory fails me then post back that it didnt work and I will get the correct procedure tomorrow when I get to work. Hope this helps.

Air not working on 1997 Plymouth van but lights flashing on dash?

lights flashing on an a/c control head usually indicate a pressure problem in the .c system. possibly low on freon

Indicator lights on rear wiper button and ac buttons are flashing?

Usually this is an issue with the comptuer in the vehicle.

Why are the brake lights not working in a 1998 Plymouth voyager?

try the brake switch on the back of the brake pedal

What do flashing lights on the rear window wiper a nd ac buttons mean on a 1998 Plymouth Voyager van?

the ac control head needs recalibrated. to do this, start the engine, set fan to max, control to panel vents, temp to cold, the press and hold the top left and bottom left buttons at the same time until all light s come on. then release buttons and they will start to cycle around. the air will also change from hot to cold, up to down. Should last about 2 minutes. when done only one light should be flashing. press that button and you are done. If more than just the top left button is flashing at the end then there is a problem with the ac system

Why do you see flashing lights?

the flashing lights are the fireflies or the beetles :)

What is the phobia when scared of flashing lights?

Selaphobia is a fear of flashing lights.

Why would turn signal lights not work on 2000 Plymouth voyager?

The Turn Signal Switch is bad in the column and needs to be replaced.

How come signal lights on 96 Plymouth voyager does not work?

if the fuse is good then check the relay/flasher then the switch on the side of the colum

what are the flashing lights on an aircraft?

The flashing lights on aircraft are anti-collision lights, so they can be seen more easily.

Why does Canada have flashing green stoplights?

because flashing green lights mean go and the green lights that are not flashing mean stop

Your lg rumour is flashing red on the side buttons but its fully charged?

If the red lights are flashing it means you have a message..either a text, or a voicemail, missed call....just check under missed alerts in your menu.

How come flashing lights are bad for epileptics?

People with epilepsy can have their seizures triggered by flashing lights

Where is the inertia switch on a 1994 Plymouth Voyager?

Under your head light button u have park lights and under that is your hazerd lights and under that is a lever that gose sideways that is what u r looking for

What color flashing lights for my truck?

In almost every state it is against the law to put flashing red lights on your car. You though put flashing white lights in most states.

How do flashing lights affect balance?

Flashing lights might affect the balance by causing a person to feel unsteady or confused when confronted by these lights. Flashing lights can also cause seizures that affect balance in some cases.Ê

Flashing red lights at a railroad crossing mean?

Flashing red lights at a railroad crossing mean

What would cause for no brake lights but tail lights work on 1997 Plymouth grand voyager?

Bad bulbs they are double filament or Bad stop light fuse or bad stop light switch

Is it illegal for girls to wear flashing lights?

Not at all. It is perfectly legal for girls, and women, to wear flashing lights if they choose to do so. The same applies to males, there are simply no restrictions on the wearing of flashing lights.

Daytime running lights flashing?

There are a few reasons why your daytime running lights are flashing. Your wiring could be messed up or your lights might be burning out.

Can flashing lights cause autisim?

NO! Flashing lights causes seizures, NOT autism. An autistic child may be entranced in them, though...

1996 Plymouth Voyager SE the hazard lights work but the turn signals don't what could be the problem?

It is the turn switch in the colomn. Replace the switch and the prob will be solved.

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