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Ask your boyfriend whether he wants a loyal relationship with you with trust and honesty and also ask him whether he wants a commitment in a relationship with you if he says yes then ask him to tell this girl to stop what she is doing or block her number on the phone if he does not stop then tell him if he wants you it will have to stop...if he cares enough for you then he will do this or take serious action to if not tell him bye bye Your right. Just one more thing. I'm sorry to say this. I really am... I think he likes the sleezy message leaver just a little bit...=(i'm sorry

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Can you report an ex boyfriend if he sends you threatening messages?

Yes absolutely.

What cell sends and receives messages to the brain?

The nervous system sends and recieves messages!

What part of the ear sends the messages to the brain?

The part of the ear that sends messages to the brain is the Cochlea.

What are the three major messages the president sends to congress?

The three major messages that the president sends out to the congress are the state of union, the economic reports and the budget message. He sends these messages out using his message power.

Sends messages to muscles?

the organ

What part of the neuron receives messages and sends it to the cell body?

Apex question is which is a part of a neuron that sends out messages answer axon

What systems sends mesages to the brain?

your nervous system sends messages to your brain

What sends messages to the nervous system?

The brain.

What organ sends MESSAGES to the brain?


What tissue sends messages from brain to body?

Nerve cells called neurons sends messages from brain to body along fibers called axons.

What Body Part Sends messages To What if your Brain?

your spine and skeletal system sends messages that you are in pain when your bones break. your eyes send messages about what you are seeing your fingers, arms, and every other part of your body responds to what you are touching and also sends messages to your brain to stimulate responses in whether it is a good or bad pain.

Which branch of the US government sends messages to congress?

The executive branch messages congress.

Which body system receives environmental messages and sends them to the brain?

Receptors receive messages .

Why is there a brainstem in your nervous system?

It sends messages to your spinal cord which later sends the message to your brain!

What branch sends messages to congress?

Executice branch.

What system sends out chemical messages?

The Endocrine System.

What type of cell sends and receives messages?


How does the nervous system help?

It sends messages to your brain.

Which system sends messages to organs and tissues?


What sends messages from your bran and spine to your muscles?


What is the Nerve that sends messages to the diaphragm?

Phrenic nerve

How does a cellphone sends messages through the air?


The spinal cord sends messages to the brain?


Does your spinal cord sends messages to your brain?

Yes it does.

What sends messages to target cells?

Service network