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A standard full documentation loan wants the borrower to be able to prove 2 consecutive years of commissioned income. They will usually require the last 2 years' tax returns along with the most recent month's paystubs. However, there are programs that allow other forms of documentation such as strictly bank statements or no verification of income at all usually at a slight increase in rate. If you need any further details on this or any other mortgage related topic feel free to contact me at 214)607-1445 or

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How do Security dealers make most of their income?

Most of their income is derived from commissions they earn from sales of securities. Additionally, they may earn some money from choosing their personal investments wisely.

Is sporadic income included in determining alimony?

Yes. If you have a source of income that is continuing, but erratic, (e.g.: sales commissions, etc) what you earn over a period of a year is averaged and that amount is added to your stable income when calculating your support obligation.

Which sales jobs pay well?

1. Consulting SalesBase Salary: $120,000 to $250,000Commissions: $25,000 to $3 million2. Consumer Packaged Goods SalesBase Salary: $150,000 to $180,000Commissions: $100,000 to $150,0003. Digital Media SalesBase Salary: $170,000 to $180,000Commissions: $130,000 to $220,0004. Medical-Device SalesBase Salary: $0 to $70,000Commissions: $200,000 to $300,0005. Outsourced ServicesBase Salary: $150,000 to $200,000Commissions: $200,000 to $500,0006. Software SalesBase Salary: $80,000 to $100,000Commissions: $250,000 to $1 million7. Startup Business DevelopmentBase Salary: $150,000Commissions: Unlimited8. Telecommunications SalesBase Salary: $70,000 to $100,000Commissions: $100,000 to $200,000

What types of commissions do corporate sales jobs pay?

Corporate sales jobs pay 2 types of commission. These are straight which is based off of the percentage of sales and variable commissions pay differently upon reaching targets.

What is two of the best car lenders online offering cheap car sales?

Auto Lenders and LendingTree are two of the best car lenders online offering cheap car sales. They are not only offering cheap car sales, but also provide car loans.

How do you calculate sales from net income percentage?

Sales can be calculated by using net income percentage because net income is always reported as a percentage of sales. For exmaple net income of 20 is a 20% of sales so sales will be as follows: 20% sales = net income Sales = Net income / 20 * 100 Sales = 20 /20 * 100 = 100 So Sales = 100

How are sales commissions figured in the promotional products industry?

While sales commissions vary from business to business there are industry standards. How sales commissions are figured depends on the pay structure of the sales rep. Sales reps may work straight commission, salary plus commission and others, it depends on the agreement between the company and rep. Salespeople normally receive their commissions when they write up an order, or when the client/customer pays their invoice. Typically a sales rep gets paid when the sale is complete to avoid problems if an order derails before completion.

What does commissions mean?

Commissions can be money that is earned from things like sales. Commissions can also refer a request to produce a piece of work that will be paid for. Sculptors can be asked to make a special statue for example.

What is the meaning of revenue income?

Income generated by sales of goods or services. Income generated by sales of goods or services.

Is sales commissions a fixed or variable cost?

Sales Commission varies with volume of sales that's why it is a variable cost as much the sales as much the sales commission, high sales high sales commission and vice versa.

Is sales return an income account?

Yes, sales returns does appear in the income statement:Revenues:Sales 250,000less Sales returns 25,000

Is net sales and net income the same thing?

Net sales and Net Income are not of the same thing. Net sales is sales less its contra accounts (sales returns and allowances, sales discounts). On the other hand, net income or profit is net sales less the expenses.

How do you present sales returns in the income statement?

sales+sales return=net sales

Are sales commissions a direct labor cost?

is salesmen commission apart of direct labor

Is accrued income posted as cr to accrued income and debit to sales account net?

no its the opposite Accrude income Dr. Sales Cr. Accrued income is income that has incurred but not yet invoiced.

Sliding scale commissions?

"Sliding scale commissions" alter the amount of a sales commission based on the value of a sale. The usual arrangement is that larger sales receive a fixed percentage up to a certain price, and a lower percentage on the value above that price.

What section would sales returns and allowances be on the income statement?

Sales returns and allowances reduces the actual sales value that;s why shown as deduction from Sales Revenue in Income Statement

You make 6 percent commissions on sale total week sales are 4580 What is your commission?


Does Sales promotion expenses come in income statement?

All expenses comes in income statements same as sales promotion expenses are also shown in income statement.

Is calculated by dividing the net income by revenue or sales?

return on sales

If profit margin represents a relationship between net income and net sales what outcome would you predict if there was an increase in net income although no change in net sales?

The excess net income is the result of Interest income or gain in assets or miscellaneous revenue. This type of transactions occur not based on the sales of goods or services. They are deducted after the gross sales (net sales - expenses).

What states have no income or sales tax?

well Florida has no income tax

Where does commission go on a balance sheet?

They Don't go on the balance sheet unless they are currently earned but owed at a later date. When paid out at the time they are earned they would be assigned to the Income & Expense statement as an expense to "sales commission's Expenses". The only time they would show up on the balance sheet if they were earned but not yet paid out then they would be credited to the accounts payable column in current liabilities as maybe "sales commisions owing" against a debit to the expense account ......... expense account - sales commissions $xxxx Dr - liability account - Sales Commissions owing $xxx Cr

What is the average income of most standard sales jobs?

The median annual income salary for a sales representative is $54,780. The lowest annual income salary is $41,119. The highest annual income salary is $71,924.

What is the largest source of income for California?

well here is the choices sales tax and personal income alcoholic beverage taxes federal grants bond sales i'm pretty sure it's sales tax and personal income